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Kettlebells for cardio and strength training

Adding a Kettlebell to your home gym set-up is a must-have for both cardio and strength training. Readily available to incorporate into your full-body workout, Kettlebells have become a popular functional piece of kit in recent years.

The combinations are endless, just like the variety of Kettlebell sets we have on offer.

What Kettlebell is best for you?

Vinyl & Vinyl Coated Kettlebell - Visually appealing, the vinyl Kettlebell is arguably the easiest of Kettlebells to clean due to its smooth coating. The durable finish of the outer shell helps protect your hands, and your floor! Available in a variety of colours, the vinyl Kettlebell is a great asset for a home set-up.

Cast Iron Kettlebell - Referred to as the 'Original Kettlebell' it is a popular choice for all fitness levels. The built-to-last structure is manufactured from on solid piece of metal. The higher the weight, the bigger the Kettlebell will be. A cast iron Kettlebell provides a durable wide grip handle - perfect for feeling secure during any workout.

Selectabell Kettlebell - our original Selectabell is exclusive to Powerhouse Fitness. Great for those who are limited on space. Weighing 13.5kg in total, with the lightest weight being 4.5kg, this Kettlebell has five different weight options that will satisfy users of all abilities and ages. To select your weight you simply turn the dial on top of the Kettlebell, select your desired weight, click in place and lift.
This Kettlebell is part of the Selectabell family, offering compact space-saving equipment including dumbbells, a barbell set and weight bench.

Rubber covered Kettlebells with chrome handles are also available, again these Chrome handle kettlebells look great and are ideal in a commercial gym as well as any hope.

Why buy a Kettlebell?

A kettlebell workout can easily burn around 600 calories per session, they're also a fantastic way to rehabilitate your body and to workout areas that are usually hard to target. Incorporating a Kettlebell into your home strength workout is great for goblet squats, split squats, arm bars, deadlifts, upright rows, bent over rows and more.

Looking for a core workout with a Kettlebell? Try Russian twists, Kettlebell side swing, sit-ups and a farmers walk!

Benefits of a Kettlebell

Kettlebell training can deliver an unparalleled, full-body workout by increasing strength, endurance, agility and balance - challenging both the muscular and cardio system with dynamic total-body movements. If you're looking to burn fat, develop your cardio fitness or strength it can all be done with a Kettlebell.

The basic Kettlebell movements, such as the swing, the snatch and the clean, engage the entire body which is why workouts including Kettlebells are particularly effective.

Kettlebell exercises involve several muscle groups simultaneously which makes them perfect for training that includes large numbers of repetitions and HIIT workouts.