Kettlebells are cannonball shaped weights with handles attached and are usually made from cast iron or rubber coated cast iron. Kettlebells come in various different weights and sizes and can be used to help develop core strength, improve grip strength and provide overall muscle development.

Kettlebell weights are generally thought to have first originated from Russia where they were used by the Russian Army, however this is not entirely true. Ketllebells were actually first used in the Highlands of Scotland in ancient Highland Games and a variation of the kettlebell is still used today in the weight over the bar event.

Kettlebell Exercises

There are endless combinations of kettlebell exercises that can be performed, just like other free weights there are literally dozens of kettlebell exercises. Before trying any of these Kettlebell exercises please perform a proper warm up to prevent injury. 10 to 15 minutes of light aerobic work followed by stretching exercises should be an adequate warm up.

Why buy Kettlebells? Kettlebells are a great way of exercising and becoming evermore popular in recent years, although the history of Kettlebells is long and varied.

Kettlebells are often referred to as Russian Kettlebells or Russian Bells. A kettlebell is a weight usually in the shape of a cannon ball with a handle. Typically Kettlebells were available from 4Kg to 40Kg in 4Kg increments, however as the popularity of kettlebells has grown recently, more sizes have become available.

When buying kettlebells there are several different types to choose from. Cast Kettlebells, or Cast Iron Kettlbells are the most common and as the name suggests, are Kettlebells formed from cast iron. Sometimes a cast iron kettlebell will be covered in a vinyl cover (except the handle). This makes the kettlebell more aesthetically appealing and the coating helps prevent chaffing of skin and can protect floors from damage. Vinyl coated cast iron kettlebells are available in different colours.

A recent development in Kettlebells is the wrist safe kettlebell. This is a kettlebell where the the main weight is concaved shaped to fit round the wrist as opposed to the traditional convex cannonball kettlebell. The Wrist safe Kettlebell helps reduce strain on the wrist and forearm.

Rubber covered Kettlebells with chrome handles are also available, again these Chrome handle kettlebells look great and are ideal in a commercial gym as well as any hope.

Durable PVC Kettlebells or Cement filled vinyl kettlebells are also available and usually less expensive than other types of kettlebells on the market. The Vinyl coating on the kettlebell is washable and helps protects the floor.

Competition type kettlebells are usually colour coordinated and have the same size body and handle across the full range of the competition kettlebells.

Adjustable kettlebells or selectorised kettlebells can be adjusted by turning a dial or moving a pin to select a different size of weight, this means that you can have a full range of weights available without your equipment taking up too much space.