Wall bars are a truly classic piece of sports equipment and there’s hardly a gym which doesn’t have one! Also known as a Swedish ladder or a stall bar, these wooden wall bars are a type of gymnastics apparatus which are excellent for building full body strength, increasing mobility and improving coordination.

Suitable to use in a gym or for home fitness, wall bars don’t take up massive amounts of space. Usually wooden, the materials are durable and offer a long-lasting piece of equipment, especially for functional fitness exercises.

NOHrD WallBars are suitable for everyone from elite athletes, users who are recovering from injuries or those that are new to fitness training. NOHrD WallBars are very versatile and the retractable foldout bar at the top allows for a range of exercises to be performed, including pull-ups and other bodyweight suspension exercises. Other WallBars exercises include human flag, hanging knee raises and tricep extensions. NOHrD WallBars are high-quality and durable, with a curved silhouette and elegant finish to effortlessly blend into your home interior.

A range of accessories can be attached to the WallBars to expand the range of possible exercises, including the multi-adapter for suspension workouts. You can also hook in the workout bench or tie on elastic resistance bands to any of the wooden rungs.