Adjustable Benches

Adjustable Benches

The training with a weight bench becomes more and more popular. This kind of training is ideal for beginners, people with physical restrictions or performance-oriented sports enthusiasts for muscle building, for rehabilitation after injuries or for weight reduction.

Free weight training is a popular workout in order to improve the coordinative abilities. It provides the advantage that supports muscles and muscle fibres are trained as well as the isolated muscle groups.

If you are already looking for an appropriate weight bench, you will notice that there is a large selection of different weight benches in different price classes. Choosing the appropriate weight bench among this selection of different weight benches is extremely difficult. Please see below for a guide to picking the correct bench for you.

Multi-functional weight bench

A weight bench should provide a multitude of adjusting possibilities for a multi-functional and varied training - in order to adjust a positive (folded up) or negative (folded down) incline besides the classic flat bench. That's the only way offering a multi-functional training. In order to adjust those different inclines, we recommend the high-quality locking system. In contrast to a plug system, it offers a higher adjusting comfort as well as stability. Of course, you do have the possibility to choose attachments and hence extent your training diversity. Besides the classic curl, there are of course the leg curl and extension as well.

Weight bench upholstery

The quality of the weight bench is an important feature, which you should also consider making a decision. Purchasing a weight bench, pay attention to the quality of the material used as well as to the quality of workmanship. High-quality equipment is equipped with a stable frame made of steel, which is neatly welded. So take a look at the weld seams when you purchase. Upholsteries should be made of durable synthetic leather and be thickly padded. The mounting of the upholstery on the frame of the training bench should be as sturdy as possible. Occuring loads, which mainly affect laterally to the single edges of the weight bench, need to be absorbed.

The weight bench user weight - how high should it be?

It's mainly for advanced and experienced strength sports people, who should choose a weight bench which is as sturdy as possible. However, the maximum weight should also be chosen for beginners, so that enough space is given for a training progress and an increase in strength. The indication of the loadability of training benches differs in the maximum loadability (weight of the user plus used weights) and the maximum user weight (weight of the user).