Taurus Elite Wall Ball Target

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Key Features:
  • Hard wearing
  • Add accuracy to training
  • Great for HIIT training
  • Improve cardio
  • Add focus to your training

Description: Taurus Elite Wall Ball Target

The Taurus Elite Wall Ball Target is a great way for adding the final touch to your rig and training as you add focus and accuracy to your exercises.

This is a heavy-duty target, which is hard wearing and able to take whatever you throw at them when training. Using a target means you can avoid scuffing and damage to your ball and wall often caused by regular contact with brick walls etc. This is a must have accessory, placed in a specific exercise zone, complimenting any workout or HIIT circuit.

Wall ball shots demand flexibility, explosive power and strength. Wall balls differ from medicine and slam balls as they have a padded outer layer, that is easier to catch. Wall balls come in a variety of weights, heavy enough to make the exercise challenging but light enough to not compromise form. Wall ball training requires maximum effort from a large number of muscles in the body.

The lower body performs a squat whilst upper body muscles execute the push press as you throw the ball against the wall target. There are several variations of the wall ball move to challenge the different muscle groups. These can include side throws, reverse rotations, front throws etc. The harder that you squeeze the ball, the more you are required to work your core and shoulders.

Using a wall ball with a target is great for HIIT training, core exercises and cardiovascular improvement. Wall ball training is a functional. Full body move that you can add to any strength or cardio workout.

Moving quickly to catch the ball improves your coordination, throwing skills and accuracy. Focusing your eyes on the target area enables you to catch the ball after it bounces whilst improving your accuracy and precision. As your strength increases you can gradually increase the weight of the ball, improving your cardiovascular fitness, increasing your heart rate and is a great exercise for you to burn calories.

The Taurus Wall ball target is a great option for home gyms and can only be used with the Taurus Elite Power Rack or the Taurus Half Rack – this can be bolted easily to both. With a 150kg user weight, the wall ball target challenges the body and improves technique, adding focus and accuracy as you replicate competition standards. It had a front facing plate with a circular design with a large diameter for a greater surface area to hit.

Specification: Taurus Elite Wall Ball Target

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