cardiostrong TX90 Folding Treadmill

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Key Features:
  • New & improved 15" console with pre-loaded apps
  • Large running surface 155cm X 52cm (L x W)
  • Powerful 3.5 HP motor
  • 32 preset training programs
  • Speed 1-20 km/h
The cardiostrong TX90 Treadmill, now offers functionality usually found in commercial equipment that you can have in your own home.

A new and improved 15” touchscreen console comes pre-loaded with your favourite streaming apps YouTube, Instagram and Facebook (Wi-fi connection required).This allows you to stay motivated during your workout, listening to your favourite songs or streaming your favourite TV shows.

The TX90 also allows you you the flexibility to save your favourite movies or playlists onto a USB stick and play them on the high-quality display via the USB port.

Next to the entertainment apps the TX90 also comes with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pre-installed. Read the latest threads on Twitter, share your training sessions over Facebook or browse the latest photos on Instagram. These extra apps and social channels will hopefully push and encourage you to burn those extra few calories.

The TX90 treadmill allows you to train your way. There are many different training programs available to try (32 preset) so you can set target oriented training such as calories, distance or time.

Furthermore you can set your own program, in which you can preset in each segment the incline and speed. You can also change these settings at all times during the training very easily thanks to the touchscreen.

You can also use the quick keys: for both speed and incline there are 8 quick keys available – that makes the cardiostrong Treadmill TX90 the ideal fitness machine for interval training: for example set a one minute sprint at 14km/h and switch to 8km/h for active regeneration until you're ready for the next sprint segment.

The TX90 has a powerful 3.5 HP motor, that quietly and steadily drives the treadmill. It can reach a top speed of 20km/h.

The running surface covers 155cm x 52cm meaning the TX90 joins an elite league of treadmills engineered for the semi-professional market.

Reaching an incline of 15% with the powerful motor, mountain runs in your own home have never been easier! With a solid suspension system to enable joint-friendly training, the thick (2.5mm) running mat also helps absorb the shock and allows you to run in comfort.

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Product Reviews

Average rating from 63 reviews
Great treadmill with an amazing console to be able to watch Netflix or just browse website, youtube running videos are great. Feels really solid and smooth

Fantastic High tech Machine
A good looking machine, I couldn't wait to give her a shot. A great deck to run on. I have recently moved into smaller accommodation and this still fits, the folding mechanism is really useful. The interactive screen is like something out of Bladerunner...Full of helpful info and distractions.

Amazing Treadmill
Bought this treadmill for the whole family to use and it is simply fantastic. The entertainment on this treadmill is absolutely fantastic, I am able to stream videos on youtube and netflix which keeps me entertained while running. Very easily to use.

Treadmill Entertainment
Great build and feels really solid, console is amazing with a variety of Appa and a very large screen so great to watch Netflicks etc...... Nice easy to use functions. Would recommend highly.

Amazing Console
I love the console on this treadmill, so many apps that help pass the time when I'm running. Really sleek design and feels really smooth when running at high speeds.

Great treadmill
Love this, especially the entertainment console .

lovely bit of kit
bought the treadmill for me and my wife, admittedly she uses it more than i do as i work very long hours, however the treadmill itself is one of the best ideas we ever had, the deck is very solid to run on, and the interactive console just helps to make running less boring, and i can be highly entertained with youtube and netflix while working out

Quality built treadmill
Lovely treadmill. As well as the great entertainment display the actual quality of the treadmill is fantastic. Really well built and feels sturdy when you are running on it.

CardioStrong TX90 2019 Model
never mind Netflix and chill I want to Netflix and run Lovely treadmill and what a great entertainment display love the fact that i can watch Netflix and run and its actually helping me run for longer fantastic treadmill would highly recommend

Netflix and running
Totally love the fact that i can watch netflix and run and its actually helping me run for longer periods as i have something that i not only enjoy but focusses my attention and stops me getting bored, very easy to put together if i can do it anyone can