BodyMax WP60 Treadmill Walking Pad

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Key Features:
  • Speed adjustable from 0.5 up to 6km/h
  • Neatly folds in half for storage
  • Includes remote control
  • Front speed sensor for automatic adjustment
  • LED display console
The BodyMax WP60 Treadmill Walking Pad is a space-saving, foldable treadmill that is the perfect option for both home and office working.

With the WP60 it’s never been easier to make sure you hit your 10,000 steps a day. On average you will be able to hit between 10,000 and 12,000 steps during a conventional working day.

The compact design means that the walking pad can sit neatly under your desk whilst you work then be easily folded and stored. The recommended speed for doing this would be between 2.5km/h and 3.5kmh. The WP60 does have a maximum speed however of 6km/h. It is also as quiet a treadmill on the market, guaranteeing that you can work in peace and quiet.

BodyMax cardio equipment is always advancing with technology and the WP60 is no different. The treadmill has speed intelligent control technology via built-in pressure sensors. In essence, if you walk towards the front of the treadmill, the speed increases. If you walk towards the rear of the treadmill, the speed will decrease.

The WP60 does come with a remote control should you wish to use that instead to adjust and control the speed whilst the clever ‘Hidden’ LED display on the casing at the front, displays your speed, duration, distance and calories.

The pad itself is only 57mm in height which means that anybody is able to use it due to the extremely low-step height. The aluminium frame is also extremely lightweight, ensuring the treadmill is easy to carry, as well as durable.

Discreetly placed and designed transport wheels are fitted to the base of the treadmill for ease.

Running surface: 120 x 41.5 cm
Speed: 0.5 - 6 km/h (Adjustable in increments starting from 0.5 km/h)
LED Display: Duration, distance, speed, calories,
Max. user-weight: 100 kg
Dimensions set-up: (L) 143.2 cm x (W) 54.7 cm x (H) 12.9 cm
Folded: (L) 82.2 cm x (W) 54.7 cm x (H) 12.9 cm
Maximum User Weight
Dimensions Open
143x55x13cm (LxWxH)
Dimensions Folded
82x55x13cm (LxWxH)

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Product Reviews

Average rating from 17 reviews
Easy storage
I live in a studio flat have no space for a full size treadmill. The walking pad works great with no bumps and no skipping while walking on full stride easy to store would be a lot better if it had incline option.

Perfect for even the smallest flats!
Top-notch design. I bought it together with the handrail so I can get some more security on quicker walks. I didn't have space for a standard treadmill, but this is not only increadibly compact but also folds to even smaller footprint. The automatic speed feature is brilliant. If you walk faster it speeds up, if you walk slower it slows down - so I don't have to be overcautious with adjusting the speed myself.

Superb treadmill!
Brilliant value for money! The quality is excellent, definitely built to last. Would highly recommend

A great invention for an investment banker
Bought because I sit on a desk for 12 hours on end and this was the ideal buy not too expensive and allows me to get my steps in and keep fit and active, hence this was a great buy.

Great Present
I got this for my grandmother with the walking rail to aid her in practicing being able to walk around as we know exercise is really important for more elderly people and we want her to be able to be fully functional for as long as possible. She has been safe and able to use it as and when needed, we’re really happy.

5 Stars
Very simple design. I bought this walking pad for my 70 year old mother during the current pandemic. The hand rail is easy to disconnect from the pad itself and easily connect when in use. She loves it as she can't get out as much, So It's a fabulous purchase.

Compared to my old treadmill, this one is far superior. I look forward to using it everyday. Also, wonderful customer service - makes a change to actually be able to speak to a human being! Super-fast delivery as well. Great buying experience all round.

The quality of the product and service is great! This is exactly what I was looking for, could not be happier!

I bought this to use at home to reach my step target for these winter months and this product has been fantastic. It is very compact which is great as I have very little room, I fold it up and pop it into the cupboard until I am ready to use again. The first time using this product, it did feel slightly weird as there are no handlebars to hold on to but after a few uses, it was natural. The quality of this product exceeded my expectations and I have ended up purchasing one for mums birthday! Would highly recommend this to people who are limited for space!

Compact walking treadmill.
The WP60 Treadmill Walking Pad is a great treadmill for walking on, though it’s size and lower speed means it is not suitable for high speed running. Although small, it has been well built and tucks away conveniently for storage.