BodyMax Infiniti Heart Rate Transmitter Chest Belt

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Key Features:
  • Extended transmission range to ensure reliable operation with long-rail rowing machines as well as compatible treadmills, bikes and cross trainers
  • Heart Rate reading is transmitted wirelessly to your Infiniti exercise machine
  • Get full benefit of Heart Rate Control programs on your Infinti Rower by using in conjunction with the Heart Rate Chest Strap
  • Helps target your training by ensuring you maintain effort levels within the heart rate training zones specified within the Heart Rate Control Programs
The Infiniti Heart Rate Chest Strap is worn discretely underneath your clothing and transmits your heart rate reading to Infiniti Rowers, Infiniti Exercise Bikes or Cross Trainers.
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Product Reviews

Average rating from 23 reviews
Heart rate monitor
Does what it says and as accurate as my watch. Works well with my cardio strong tx90 treadmill also brought from power house

Infiniti Heart Rate Monitor
Does what is says on the tin! It's good to get that feedback on my heart rate while working out. It was easy to put together, came in a protective tube and is easy to fit around the chest. I just struggle to remember to put it on until after I've started working out!

A solid piece of heavy duty kit
From first taking this out of the box it was clear that this is good quality gym equipment. Mine went up into my converted loft and it wasn't easy due to its weight. It was fairly straightforward to assemble, then as soon as I started using it I appreciated the quality. Its very smooth, comfortable and produces little noise. There's a great choice of workout programs and resistance levels, and the action is very similar to real live rowing. I have quickly got my son hooked on it too. In short, it's a great piece of kit which easily matches the quality of other gym rowers I have used (such as Concept 2).

Fast service, product works well

Despite me having AF the monitor/transmitter provides a good reading as the work rate varies during exercise.

Great item
Glad i bought this,helps out alot with my training would reccomend this.

Great kit
The heart rate monitor is very accurate and comfortable to wear. Great bit of kit.

Heart rate monitor
Idea accessory for my rowing machine:ok_hand:accurately keeps you in the safe heart rate zone, which for me is vital at age 50 thank you

Bodymax heart transmitter
Good piece of kit, fits well and is very easy to use.

Heart Monitor
Great little heart monitor. I use it every time on the bike now. You need a dab of water on each pad, & strap it directly to the chest (below clothing). Readings seem pretty accurate compared with the gym bike heart computers. Essential for achieving targets in your programme/routine whatever you like to do. Useful knowing heart rate before your workout (as well as during) also guards against exceeding limits recommended for your age - just take your age off 180 - that's a good average pulse rate target to reach, but take advice from your GP any concerns: so get fit safely. At the price I should have bought it when I ordered the bike.