Gym Equipment

Strength Training & Bodybuilding Equipment

Cable Machines - Build your strength, balance and power naturally with limitless cable training. We provide a great range of Functional Trainers, Cable Machines Single and Multi-use which deliver effective and versatile multi-strength training with endless exercise possibilities.

Multi-Gyms - Multi-gyms let you get a serious workout from the comfort of your own home and are a great option for anyone wanting to improve on their strength. Multi-gyms also offer a wide range of exercises, they are compact and space saving and they also offer quick and easy weight adjustment.

Power racks are training equipment for free barbell training in standing or lying position. Power racks differ in their multitude of rack levels compared to common barbell racks. Barbell racks often just have a simple height adjustment.

Power racks and barbell racks serve strength training with the barbell as well as for storing the barbell. Power racks as well as barbell racks can be used in combination with a weight bench or stand alone. It is ideal for powerlifting training, because free movements can be done.

Power racks are often described as squat racks, because they are ideal for squats with the barbell and deadlift. Due to their several adjustment possibilities, power racks can be optimally adapted in height to the user and the respective exercise.

Some barbell systems can also be adjusted in width - for another optimal adaptation. It is very valuable for bench press, because the weight rack can be adjusted to the grip width of the user. This function is also of great importance for squats with barbells and deadlift. When you want to buy a barbell system, your choice should depend on upon the exercises you want to do.

Some squat racks or power racks of parts to take weight plates, so that the power rack is also suitable for safe storing of weight plates.