Fitness Steps

Fitness Steps, Aerobic Steps and Step Aerobics

Using the Cardiostrong 2-in-1 stepper for effective training of calves, thighs, and gluteal muscles.

Do you want to train especially your gluteal muscles and your thighs, fight against bothersome problem zones, and do your training comfortably at home? A stepper is a practical and effective training device for your daily workouts. Steppers emulate typical movements, done while climbing stairs - thus you mainly train calves, thighs, and gluteal muscles. Calories are effectively burnt.

Mini steppers can be stored efficiently under the bed or in a wardrobe thanks to their compact size. Due to their small, less loadable hydraulic cylinders, mini steppers are suitable for light training at low loads and of low range. They are ideal for beginners.

Before you buy a stepper, it is recommended to test such a device. Stepper and user need to be stable. Check the device as well regarding a movement as jerk-free as possible.