BodyMax Rubber Hex Dumbbell Sets

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Key Features:
  • Rubber coated ends for durability and protection
  • Ergonomically contoured chromed and knurled dumbbell grip
  • Hexagonal design prevents dumbbell from rolling
  • Wide range of sizes available
  • Range of complete dumbbell sets and racks available
The BodyMax Rubber Hex Dumbbells have been expertly designed to provide all users with a superb set of dumbbells for a range of users both from beginners to seasoned athletes.

Thoughtfully designed to provide an exceptional exercise experience these weights have an ergonomically contoured, chromed and knurled grip to ensure comfort and safety throughout your training. The rubber coated ends offer extreme durability, whilst also providing protection for flooring and reducing noise levels. Boasting a unique hexagonal design at the ends these dumbbells will stay put when you place them down!

Visible at the slightest glance, each dumbbell has its specific weight embossed on the side, so you can choose the weights you want to use easily.

Available in weights from 1kg up to 50kg, there are also fantastic racks available to display this exceptional range of dumbbells. It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to weight training or a seasoned athlete, these weights look great, feel great and are a superb addition to any home gym or commercial fitness studio.

Try the weighted crunch and dumbbell side bend to target the abdominals and obliques; and work those pecs with a bench press, incline fly and bent-arm pullover. Lateral raises, shrugs and military presses are great for the deltoids while a reverse-fly on the Bosu ball will not only tone your arms, shoulder and back, it will give your abs a challenging workout too!

Did you know dumbbells work more than your upper torso? Using them in conjunction with different exercises such as squats, lunges and Russian twists can also strengthen and tone the glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves and core abdominals. When used as part of an intense cardio-specific program such as functional circuits. Dumbbells also increase muscular endurance, boost cardio stamina and promote steady, healthy weight loss.

When it comes to exercise out there is no question that dumbbells are a fantastic total-body conditioning tool; providing a fast and effective way of targeting every single major muscle group in your body. Totally versatile you can use dumbbells on a weight bench, stability ball, Bosu ball or on the floor to increase muscle strength and definition.
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Product Reviews

Average rating from 134 reviews
Excellent dumbbells
Super happy with this purchase, better quality than most gyms

Brilliant dumbbells
Highly recommend if you are looking for gym quality products. Quality is brilliant and service was great, could not be happier with my purchase

Bought 2x17.5, 2x20 & 2x22.5. Real quality products and super fast delivery. Cheers!

Brilliant quality product and service, would highly recommend!

So quick!
I’m so pleased with my dumbbells. Been searching for for ages but there have been none in stock anywhere, and saw them on here. Expected a little bit of a wait but they were here within 2 days of ordering. Amazing service. Will definitely be ordering from here again. Thank you!

Once again great product great service ordered 2x 22.5 and 2x30 big boi thing will deffo order again

The best
Just got my dumbbells today I ordered 9kg 12kg 15kg so happy with purchase powerhouse is the one dont go no else you wont be disappointed excellent service will ordering the Olympic set next

Finally arrived ordered 2x 25 2 x27 really good set of equipment i no this from buying the hex dumbbells set few weeks ago couldt help but get these awell well worth the money had a bit of a issue with the delivery due to dpd but the service from powerfitness was great thank you jhon t top man top service

Hex 20kg Dumbells
Great service and delivered very quickly. High quality dumbbell. The grip is very smooth in my opinion compared to others, so may be something to consider for the heavier dumbbells depending on your personal preference.

Hex Dumbells
Great service, kept informed of what was happening and delivery was smooth. Good quality product for my home gym