BodyMax Olympic Cast Iron Tri-Grip Weight Disc Plates

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Key Features:
  • Sold as single discs*
  • Cast iron hammertone coating
  • Tri-Grip design for easy transport when unloading and loading bar
  • Suitable for Olympic bars
The BodyMax Olympic Cast Iron Tri-Grip Weight Disc Plates are a robust, durable and long lasting weight plate option, recommended for home-use.

The plates are suitable for all Olympic bars, however these plates are not suitable for Standard 1" barbells or dumbbell bars.

Sold as single units, the hammertone finish ensures that your plates will meet the demands of being used on a daily basis. The tri-grip design guarantees that the plates can be easily lifted, transported and changed on an Olympic bar with ease.

Weight training is one of the best forms of exercise, not only will you build muscle mass but you will also burn body fat and increase your cardiovascular health. Training with weights over a consistent period has also been proven to increase your bone density, improve your posture and increase flexibility.
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Product Reviews

Average rating from 75 reviews
Tri grip 20kg plates
Excellent value for money and good quality products for what you pay however customer service takes ages to reply and is not particularly help, tldr: check what you're ordering before you by-product 5 star- customer service- 1 star

Great product.
Good set of weights. Very quick delivery. Would definitely recommend.

Good weightplates
I had bought a package deal of these plates before Covid-19 and honestly they are fantastic, they will last a life time, will pay for themselves in gym membership savings and the handles make them versatile, grab 2x25kg plates for a begginners farmers walk. Use for dumbell curls and tricep from overhead, do rows to hit back, use with an olympic loading pin for a cable setup/grip work, use clutched to your chest for a hard situp crunch on a declined bench, use them for squats, deadlifting, good mornings and loads more excercises. They are the bread and butter for a home gym and all plate loaded equipment. I also use them with a plate loaded kettlebell for swings, assistant deadlift training, rows, side/front/back arm extensions, assistant squat also possible on a raised platform. These plates wont let you down

7 Stars Service
I'm giving you guys 2 extra stars. Prompt delivery, well packaged, no tiniest chip. Best customer service I've had in a long time.

Weight plates
Very fast delivery, no problems with order, would recommend

weight plates
Ordered and delivered within 5 days. Good quality plates too

High quality
Most of my gym comes from here. Really high qualify.

Solid - Nice to move about with the tri grip
Really nice weights, heavy to look at and heavy to hold.

25kg bodyMax Olypic plates
Ordered 2x25kg plates, got 2x25kg plates :-) Arrived 4 days after ordering, pretty good considering we're in the middle of a global pandemic and world shortage of weights! Will order again when I get stronger????️‍♂️.

Tri Grip Plates.
Got a package of these plates plus Bodymax squat rack and Olympic 6ft bar three months ago. Good quality, nicely finished & very easy to handle. Can't fault this gear at all.