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Key Features:
  • Core strengh training.
  • Perfectly desinged to train stability, core strength & balance.
  • Widely used in training programs.
  • Great versatility for a more complex range of exercises.
The versatile BodyMax Max bag Sandbag is a welcome addition to many training regimes.

A tough PVC coated bag, with canvas handles - it is robust and durable. A great product for core functional training exercises.

Unlike dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells, a sandbag will change shape as it’s lifted. This forces your muscles to engage more powerfully in each movement, as every repetition will be slightly different. This also works the core and muscles of the lower back more strongly, which is great for injury prevention, improved stability and good posture.

Of course sandbags also help to tone and strengthen a wide range of muscles including the quads, glutes, biceps, triceps, deltoids and latissimus dorsi. More importantly using a sandbag as part of your regular fitness training is – fun! Doing something different and unique is a great way to stay inspired and motivated as you achieve your fitness goals. It also gives you the opportunity to engage different muscle groups and work your body in a completely new way!
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Average rating from 8 reviews
Could not recommend enough! The quality is absolutely outstanding from Powerhouse Fitness. Yet to be disappointed, the quality is always gym standard even for the lower priced equipment. Would highly recommend shopping here if you are looking for proper gym equipment, here is where it's at

Excellent product
Great for adding resistance to your workouts, highly recommend

The quality of the product and service was fantastic, would definitely recommend. Purchasing from here again.

Brilliant quality and the service was fantastic, could not recommend enough!

Great piece of kit
Perfect for my single leg squats and tucks away nicely when not in use. Very good quality.

Body max Sandbag
Excellent quality sandbag built to last. Recommended!

Bodymax sandbag
I bought several weights of these, awesome bit of kit and a great price too

Body max sand bag
The Bodymax sandbag is a MUST HAVE for your gym, I was so impressed with its versatility that I purchased the 15kg too