BodyMax High/Low Cable Pulley System with 95kg Weight Stack for CF485+ Power Rack

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Key Features:
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  • Includes Lat Pulldown Bar and 22" Straight Bar
  • Easy and quick to use selector pin
  • Compatible with CF485+ Power Rack
  • Offers a wide variety of exercises
  • Hard-wearing construction
The BodyMax High/Low Cable Pulley System with 95kg Weight Stack is an excellent and robust attachment extending the potential of the CF485+ Power Rack. Now you can create a full body strength workout within one fitness machine!

TheBodyMax High/Low Cable Pulley System with 95kg Weight Stack broadens the possibilities of the CF485+ Power Rack providing a fully functional high/low pulley system and offering a wide variety of exercises. This attachment will help you progress in your fitness journey effectively letting you increase the resistance as you are getting better!

Please note: this attachment is only compatible with the CF485+ Power Rack.

One of the biggest perks of the weight stack system is its convenience. The resistance is changed with a quick and easy to use selector pin so you won’t waste any excess time during your workout managing the resistance. That means you won’t have to stop your exercise to go around the machine and change the plates as you normally would with a plate loaded system.

The resistance adjustment is also noiseless compared to loading heavy and loud cast iron weight plates. The pulley is made of high quality materials that make it robust and hard-wearing. The 95kg weight stack attachment is fully secured which makes it perfectly safe to use during your workouts.

This high/low pulley systems attachment offers a wide variety of exercises for different muscle groups enabling you to create a full body workout. You can combine this with various cable attachments sold separately to extend the possibilities even more. Here are some of excellent exercises that will help you reach your fitness goals:

Upper body: barbell curl, single arm curl, lateral rise, Egyptian rise, single arm chest fly, tricep rope pushdown, single arm tricep pulldown, single arm shoulder press, single arm reverse chest fly, single-arm lat pulldown, wide-grip lat pulldown, behind-the-neck lat pulldown, v-bar pulldown, reverse close-grip lat pulldown.

Core: High cable crunch, One-arm press, One-arm row, Low cable crunch, Cable reverse crunch, One-arm cross crunch, Judo throw, High cable woodchop, Cable Russian twist, standing oblique crunch, crossover crunch, side-to-side twist, low to high woodchopper, mountain climber

Back: face pull, seated face pull, single arm lat pulldown, low position barbell row, reverse grip barbell row, single arm low row, split stance high anchor row, low row

Lower Body: deadlift, donkey kick, hip abduction, hip adduction, kneeling hip abduction, pull through, reverse lunge, side lunge, side step, squat pull

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