BodyMax CF396aw Olympic Bar and Weight Stand

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Key Features:
  • Helps keep your floor clear
  • Stores Olympic weight plates*
  • Adjustable for convenience
  • Includes barbell bar storage
The new and updated BodyMax CF396aw Olympic Bar and Weight Stand, is the solution you have been looking for to keep your workout space clear and tidy!

You’ve made the investment. You’ve made the commitment. Now it’s time to look after your gym kit! Having a disorganized training environment can easily get in the way of achieving fitness goals. Not only is clutter de-motivating, but not storing gym equipment properly, can lead to it getting damaged, or worse, you could injure yourself on it!

Keeping your workout space organised makes it easier and safer to workout, whilst keeping your kit in pristine condition with the reduced risk of damage.

The CF396aw, finished in black, is designed and recommended for home gym spaces, perfect for Olympic weight kits.

Offering plenty of space for Olympic weight plates, that are 2” in diameter, this sleek and stylish stand is adjustable for added convenience. The BodyMax CF396aw offers 6 generous storage pins.

Apart from spacious olympic plate pins, BodyMax CF396aw provides space for one olympic barbell. Storing your barbell in vertical position is a space-saving solution for your workout space. Now you can keep all your weight-training kit safe and easily accessible. Not having to constantly bend down to pick up weights also reduces strain on your back, minimizing the risk of injury.

*Suitable for 2" diameter Olympic weight plates

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Product Reviews

Average rating from 28 reviews
Great product
Great storage system. Keeps my home gym tidy.

Fantastic weight stand
Fantastic weight stand. Makes my space so much more organised and the plates are always at a convenient height. Would definitely recommend!

Love it!
Love the BodyMax CF396aw Olympic Bar and Weight Stand. At the beginning I wasn't really sure if I need it at all but all my workout equipment laying around made my gym messy. This was the perfect solution. Keeps everything together in a small footprint. A++