Push yourself with a dedicated workout on the BodyMax MB40, designed by Rey Smart to enhance your cycling workouts.

I hope that you are having a great start to the year and are enjoying your BodyMax MB40 Indoor Cycle.

I absolutely love the smooth magnetic resistance and easily adjustable numbered resistance feature. I’m a gym instructor that’s used to putting bikes’ through their paces and the MB40 passes with flying colours!

I have developed a workout specifically for the MB40. It is a workout where your high intensity duration increases as the resistance progressively increases. Fear not, because at the same time your low intensity duration increases and the resistance remains at the lowest level.

It is only 12 minutes long and is an effective pulse raiser and short enough to slot into almost any busy schedule. I gave it a go, worked up a sweat and kept my heart rate in ‘fat burning zone’.

You will need an interval timer to let you know when to push and when to recover. If you already have app on your device you’re half way there!

I use an app called ‘Interval Timer’ – HIIT Training by Polycents which is free on both Android and iOS. It is quite easy to use, and it took me a few minutes to program the timer to match the table below.

When creating the workout select complex as the type and you will see the option to add interval cycles. Input a warm-up, add a total of 8 interval cycles and input the cool down.

For the high intensity intervals, I recommend aiming for your effort to be 80% or above. Try your best to maintain the same level of intensity throughout and embrace the burn. Start your playlist and time, then start your two minute warm-up with the resistance level set to 1.

Round 1, you will maintain level one resistance.

Round 2, you will increase the resistance level to 2 for the high intensity and then decrease it to level 1 for the low intensity.

Keep that going until you get to the cool down.

If you have longer than 12 minutes you could consider doing the circuit twice?!

I hope you give this workout a try, that it works for you and most importantly that you enjoy it!

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