Barbell Collars Spinlock

Barbell Collars Spinlock

Bar collars - safe collars for your weights

Bar collars or weight collars hold safely the weight plates on the bar and avoid slipping off of the weights. Reliable weight collars are a real safety factor especially for strength training exercises with high weights.

We offer the following versions of weight collars:

Star collars are the safiest collar, because weight plates cannot slip off of a weight screwed on tightly. The collar is screwed on the thread of the bar and fixes the weight plates, a lateral slipping off is excluded. This type of collar is recommended especially for starting or training with high weights due to its high safety.

Clip collars are the easiest collar system and make a quick change of weight plates possible. This type of weight collars is ideal for exercises with changing weights. Clip collars are made of metal springs, which are widened by being pressed together. Once the clip collar is slid over the bar, the spring is straitened by releasing the spring - and it is tight on the bar.

Standard collars are similar to a little vise in their mechanics. By means of a screw, the collar is tightened up on the bar. The loading capacity of standard collars as well as their easy mounting make them a comfortable and safe locking system.

Spin collars are fixed on the bar with two butterfly nuts. Weight plates are fixed via the star protection, so that unintended movements of the weight plates like rotating are completely avoided. This makes the workout safer and more comfortable.

Lock-down clamps consist of a sleeve, which is straightened by turning the lever after it was slid over the holding fixture of weights of the bar. Lock-down clamps are tight on the bar by means of an inner slide protection. This type of collar is also easy to use.