WaterRower A1 Studio Rowing Machine

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Key Features:
  • WaterRower A1 is crafted with Solid Ash
  • Aluminum monorail design
  • Quick start monitor
  • Quiet and Smooth when in use
  • Easy to store
Top of the range, the high-quality A1 Studio Water Rower is designed to be portable, lightweight and space saving. The water flywheel allows you to emulate the exact dynamics of a boat moving across water and creates a wave-like sound which is engaging, mesmerising and is the closest thing to a real-life row in the comfort of your own home.


The A1 Water Rower is crafted with solid ash and finished with Danish oil. Wood is an excellent material for this application due to its ability to absorb vibration and sound which enhances the rowers smooth and quiet operation. The rower can be stored vertically which makes it very easy to store in a small amount of space.


Supporting you in every single row, the A1 Rower features a very comfortable seat which is designed with a textured finish to stop you from slipping which will maximise your security when in use. The adjustable footplates and foot straps allow you to comfortably secure your feet to the rower.


Providing you with a full body workout, the A1 Water Rower features a large tank which is filled with water, as you increase the pace of rowing, it naturally increases the resistance in your rowing experience. This means that you can control the resistance by increasing or decreasing in a single motion. Water Rowers closely replicates the feel of rowing on water and is smoother with a constant resistance throughout the complete stroke. Water Rower has many benefits, including the following: -

  • Cardiovascular Conditioning

  • Aerobic Conditioning

  • Total Body Conditioning

  • Fat Burning

  • Core Conditioning

  • Low Impact

If you are looking for a high-quality rower which makes it easy to row with good technique, even for a beginner rower, and the quality construction provides a natural, fluid connection with every stroke – look no further as the A1 Water Rower is the perfect item for you.

Maximum User Weight
Console Display
The A1 monitor is a simpler version of WaterRower's S4 Monitors. It has been designed for easy Quick Start of most functions, simply press the OK/on button and away you row. Unlike the S4 Monitor, there is no Heart Rate monitor, PC interface, Zone Worko
Power Method
Inside Leg
Maximum - 38 inches (for anyone over 38 inches we recommend XL rails)
No. of Months Warranty
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Product Reviews

Average rating from 89 reviews
Great Product and Great Service
Competitive price, prompt trouble free delivery and fantastic product.

Rowing machine
I love my new rowing machine, after a long chronic illness I needed something to help build my strength and fitness up. I’m still recovering but enjoy my daily row. The only thing I would say is that the handlebars are a bit abrasive - I have small hands and even when I wear padded gloves I still end up with sore hands and blisters.

Fit for purpose
A high quality machine, easy to put together and a pleasure to use.I like the fact that you create your own resistance against the water - simple - no resistances to gauge etc

WaterRower A1
The A1 rowing machine is compact and easy to store away. It is straight forward to assemble and the build quality is excellent. The sound of the water as you row is quite soothing and I am glad I never chose an air resistance machine. Overall I am really happy with this machine, spending that little bit extra for a quality product is so worth it

water rower
excellent rower - v pleased easy to assemble and great to use

WaterRower A1 Rowing machine
The delivery of the rowing was an early one 8.20am so that was perfect, the rower itself was east enough to assemble and get started. When using the rower you hear the water moving as you row and it is very therapeutic and calming. The harder you pull the harder the resistance. It is good for timing distances and comparing with previous times. A perfect addition to any gym or in my case garage. It is a lot quieter than other none water rowers. I definitely recommend this rower.

Waterrower A1
Great rowing machine. Quiet compared to standard fan-resistance machines. Movement is smooth. Fairly easy to assemble (esp. with the YouTube video).

Not bad but a bit pricey
Good product. High quality build and the fact that it utilises water makes this so much better to use than the rest that are on the market. The only downisde to it is its sheer size and for someone with little space, it makes life a bit difficult

Water rower A1
Easy to order and good delivery. Excellent product and service

pleasing to the eye, easy to assemble and robust