Tunturi SM60 Half Smith Machine

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Key Features:
  • Incredibly solid structure
  • Adjustable barbell support
  • Compact and versatile home gym
  • Adjustable bench backrest
  • Suitable for Olympic and Standard weight plates*
If you lift weights frequently but would rather lift weights at home, the SM60 Half Smith Machine is the piece of kit for you!

Making sure you know the load capacity for each part of your equipment is essential to ensure you workout safely. There is an image within the gallery that will show this for you. To work it out; if you subtract your body weight from the maximum load capacity, you will know the amount of weights you can load. You should only do this by including your body weight where there are parts of the machine where you can sit or lie on.

The SM60 consists of a weight bench and a Smith machine. The Smith machine is suitable for different bench press exercises. Safety can be guaranteed during your strength session as you can secure the weightlifting bar to the barbell supports at any time.

By combining the trainers with the handlebars and the support cushion, you are able to perform various strength-building exercises for your arms and legs. You can do this by attaching the correct number of weights to the bottom of the machine.

The SM60 offers the following functions; Smith style press bar, arm curls, leg developer and biceps pads. The backrest of the weight bench is adjustable and has 4 different positions in which it can be adjusted to. The bench is perfect for bench presses when it’s entirely flat. Alternatively, when positioned at an incline, it becomes the ideal sit-up bench for abdominal exercises, which can be performed with or without weights.

Meanwhile, the adjustable barbell support has 7 different positions as well as 4 adjustable pad positions.

The SM60 is compatible and suitable for Olympic (50mm) weight plates and also Standard (30mm) weight plates. The bar provided weighs 7kg and there is barbell support fitted.


  • The SM60 allows you the flexibility and functionality to build muscle, extra muscle mass and can be done without the use of a spotter should you wish to do so.

  • With an incredibly solid structure, and a classy black matte powder coating, the SM60 is eye-catching and gives your home gym that contemporary look.

  • It is both compact and versatile and provides you with the ability to train alone, should you wish both on a daily basis and safely.

Maximum User Weight
Dimensions Open
180x186x178cm (LxWxH)
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