Tunturi PT80 Power Tower

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Key Features:
  • Strong and durable steel structure
  • Various workout options
  • Adjustable pull-up bar
  • Removeable and adjustable abdominal board
The Tunturi PT80 Power Tower provides strength fanatics with the complete home trainer for solid workouts every day.

By creating your own private home gym, this versatile pull-up/drip station allows you to exercise any time you want to!

Solidly constructed with strong and durable steel, Tunturi have left no stone unturned to ensure the PT80 not only looks great with it’s contemporary design but offers versatile functionality to allow you to complete rigorous strength sessions.

Making sure you know the load capacity for each part of your equipment is essential to ensure you workout safely. There is an image within the gallery that will show this for you. To work it out; if you subtract your body weight from the maximum load capacity, you will know the amount of weights you can load.

You should only do this by including your body weight where there are parts of the machine where you can sit or lie on. For example: if you weigh 100kg, you can train with 100kg on the SM60, before you reach the maximum load capacity of 200kg.

With the PT80, you are able to exercise in various ways, for example chin-ups and pull-ups. The adjustable pull-up bar allows you to move the bar or hold it differently which offers variety in your workouts. The strength station also has a foldable abdominal board for sit-ups. The board can be adjusted to various heights and is also equipped with abdominal supports. Sit-ups are a great way of working your core stomach muscles.

The PT80 also comes with 2 suspension grips. You can combine them with the dip armrests which allows you to perform chest pull-up exercises.

The handles themselves have rubber on them, for a firm comfortable grip whilst the armrests are padded with foam for extra comfort. The armrests are adjustable and can be set at different heights to suit the user.

The PT80 includes; pull-up bar, push-up support, dip station, vertical knee raise station, abdominal board, training handles, weight bench.
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