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Key Features:
  • Includes carry bag
  • Explosive endurance strength training
  • Great for physical therapy
The Powerbands Set PRO contains all the tools you need to experience the full effect behind the powerbands.

Suitable for all fitness and strength training levels. Maximizes bodyweight workouts such as Freeletics and HIIT.

The Pro Set Resistance Bands for exercise come in 3 different sizes and 5 different resistance levels, ensuring that you can meet the needs of your workouts no matter what level you're at. All of which can be mixed and matched to further advance your fitness goals! Best of all, the included carry bag makes travelling a breeze!

Powerbands have been designed for explosive endurance strength training and make a great addition to any home routine you already perform, whether it be Freeletics, P90X, HIIT or a workout of your own formulation!

Not only are powerbands great for your workouts, but are great for physical therapy as well! powerbands are ideal for leg and knee injuries, and work well for postnatal mothers too. They support rehabilitation after injury and are especially helpful for workout newbies.


  • 3 x Powerbands MINI, 22 x 5 cm (yellow, green, blue)

  • 1 x Powerband MAX, 100 x 2 cm

  • 1 x Powerband MAX, 100 x 1,5 cm

  • 1 x training manual

  • 1 x net pouch

  • 1 x wristband

*This item now comes with online training and not a DVD
Let's Bands
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