Trixter X-Bike 1000 Exercise Bike

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Key Features:
  • Highly durable commercial-grade indoor cycle designed for use in group cycling programs and personal training in the club or in high-end home gyms
  • Premium quality forged aluminium cranks, sealed ISIS bottom bracket, two-way SPD/toe clip pedal system and comfort/performance saddle
  • Manufactured entirely by Giant Bicycles, the world's largest manufacturer of quality bicycles
  • Micro-Adjustable rider compartment for precision fit and unbeatable rider comfort
  • 7 Levels of upper body resistance & 32 levels of pedalling resistance
The X-Bike fits, feels and rides just like a real bicycle. Riding the X-Bike 'feels' the same as riding an actual road or mountain bike outdoors, especially while performing standing climbs or sprints. This elusive 'feel' is made possible by articulating Trixter's patent-pending X-Bike handlebars side-to-side against adjustable resistance; fully engaging your upper-body, legs, core abdominal and stabilizer musculature. The movement is totally natural and the fitness benefits are irrefutable. FITTER. Fling the X-Bike handlebars from side-to-side as if you are launching off the start line, powering up a steep climb, or throwing your bike and body in a sprint to the finish. This movement, coupled with adjustable damp-ing in the handlebars, makes significant demands on your upper body, back, core abdominal muscles and stabilizers and of course your legs and lungs. The simple, natural, and true-to-outdoor bike design enhances your ability to simulate realistic outdoor riding movements, while X-Biking interval-based training protocols enhance your fitness. FUNNER. X-Bikes ride like real bikes. You can jam on em, coast on em, swoop the bars from side-to-side simulating turns, and most remarkably, climb and sprint in the same exact way you would when riding outdoors. The interval-based X-Biking workouts with custom music tracks mated to workout maps are motivating and immersive; featuring natural, full body cycling moves that challenge you with 30 mind-blowing minutes of riding. Its real outdoor cycling fun brought indoors! FASTER. 30-minutes. Do more if you like. But you dont need to. The X-Biking interval based endurance workouts are designed by our Olympic cycling coach and world-class athletes. Quite simply, this is a real bike that comes with real training programs that are really fun to do. The workouts are progressive, varied, and goal orientated. Ride base in the winter, and then challenge your VO 2 max in the heart of riding season. Join current World Champion Greg Minnaar, 2-time World Champion Missy Giove, 2-time BMX World Champion Scott Beaumont, World Cup Champion Christophe Sauser, Kashi Leuchs, Tracey Moseley, Fionn Griffiths and the Renault F1 Driver Development Program they all use the X-Bike as an integral part of their training regiment.
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