The Grappler (Rope Pull Machine)

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Key Features:
  • Heavy duty loop rope system
  • 16 levels of braking resistance
  • Lifetime frame and weld guarantee
  • Compact footprint
  • Sleek console feedback progress
What ever your sport, fitness aim, ability or injury...the Grappler will make a BETTER you!

The Grappler is the most versatile cardiovascular equipment available, no matter what level of ability all users can benefit from the Grappler. It's designed and engineered in the United Kingdom.

It is a revolutionary and totally unique piece of fitness equipment. Once you’ve tried the Grappler you'll be a user for life. No other piece of gym equipment can give such a fantastic workout in such a short period of time.

The Grappler provides a great workout with bags of effort while producing virtually no adverse after-effects. This makes it very popular with beginners or those returning to exercise. The Grappler has a compact footprint making it the perfect choice for home or any fitness facility.

The Grappler fits all, from professional athletes, young, old, male, female, able bodied, disabled, fit, unfit, strong, weak, injured and recovering from illness.

The Grappler can increase your power while maintaining leaner and more efficient muscles. Even though it is primarily a cardio machine, the increased fitness levels gained by regular use allow the strength athletes to train longer on resistance exercises.

While using the Grappler you are pumping blood up hill and consequently you are training your heart and lungs directly. The Grappler is superb for aerobic and anaerobic workouts.

The Grappler provides a low impact exercise, which is great for training and maintaining fitness while injured. In a completely unforeseen way the Grappler manages to build up and work the muscles around an injury without actually harming the damaged area. If injured you should always consult your doctor before doing any exercise.

The user is performing a concentric movement with a smaller eccentric return which gives a great pump but a lower lactic acid burn. You get barely any of the stiffness and soreness normally associated with a hard training session.


Power – Mains adapter
Console – 12 programs, Feedback,
Time, Distance (M), Speed, RPM,
Odometer and Calories
Resistance – 1-16 levels (Magnetic Braking)
Dimensions – H 240cm x W 94cm x D 140cm
Weight – 95kg
Warranty – Lifetime frame & weld guarantee,
1 year parts (3 months rope warranty)
The Grappler rope is handmade from Manila, which is a natural product and biodegradable.
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