Taurus VR2000 Vibrating Foam Roller

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Key Features:
  • Vibrating foam roller for massage and self-myofascial release
  • Dimensions: L 30cm | ⌀ 15cm
  • Surface material: Polypropylene
  • Can also be used as an external battery / power bank
  • Battery capacity: 8800 mAh
The Taurus VR2000 with Vibro-core positions itself better than conventional foam rollers for self-massage. The roller has 4 vibration levels and the combination of pressure and vibration results in better regeneration and releasing of tension.

Improe flexility and mobility and release tension for warming up and for faster recovery post-workout.

The VR2000 has 4 vibration levels: 900/min; 15 Hz | 1800/min; 30 Hz | 2700/min; 45 Hz | 3600/min; 60 Hz

Package contents:
Vibrating Foam Roller
USB charging cabel
User manual incl. exercise examples

Charging time with an empty battery: approx. 4 hours

The roller is equipped with a large 8800mAH battery. A little extra feature, you can use this battery as a power bank to charge mobile devices.
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