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Taurus TPU Single Dumbbell

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Key Features:
  • Sold as single dumbbells
  • Textured handle grip
  • Hard-wearing and long-lasting
  • Wear resistant and odourless
  • Smart and modern design
Made from high-quality steel with a TPU coating, the Taurus TPU Dumbbells offer a long-lasting, robust and durable dumbbell option for your home, studio or gym facility.

Perfect for all types of strength / weight training to build muscles in your arms and shoulders, building stability or core strength, or incorporating reps into your functional circuit training, these dumbbells are more than up to the job.

The TPU coating (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) on the dumbbells is an extremely high-quality material that is hard-wearing, long-lasting, wear resistant and odourless. You can be confident that no matter how often the dumbbells are used or indeed used by many different people, they will stay in prime condition.

Due to the smart design by Taurus and the quality of manufacturing, the dumbbells will have minimal impact / damage to any flooring due to the coating.

Available in 2.5kg increments, the dumbbells range from 2.5kg to 50kg. The dumbbells will suit home users looking for one or two particular weights, professional setups ie. PT studios or gyms may wish to have a size run or complete set of dumbbells, making these dumbbells great all-round options. Storage racks for complete sets can be purchased separately.

A textured grip on the handle ensures users have not only a secure hold but a comfortable hold in their hands, avoiding any strains or indeed skin damage.

When it comes to exercise out there is no question that dumbbells are a fantastic total-body conditioning tool; providing a fast and effective way of targeting every single major muscle group in your body. Totally versatile you can use dumbbells on a weight bench, stability ball, Bosu ball or on the floor to increase muscle strength and definition.

Warranty conditions for Taurus TPU Single Dumbbell

For further information on the warranty, please refer to the manufacturer's terms of warranty. The manufacturer's warranty is an extra service and does not affect your statutory rights.

Manufacturer's warranty Full Warranty
Home 5 years
Light Commerical 3 years
Full Comerical 12 months
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