Taurus Scandic-X Ski Trainer

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Key Features:
  • Hybrid resistance system
  • Easy to use backlit console
  • Preset interval training programs
  • Four preset heart-rate programs
  • Two hand-grip choices
Model info
No need to wax your skis! The cross-country indoor trainer is here!
Perfect training for an almost total body workout with a main focus on the upper body.
Two grips: a choice between a ski pole grip or strap
Trains the back, legs, shoulders, arms, core and stomach
Very effective cardio training for endurance as well as maximal power, losing weight or for warming-up.
Hybrid resistance with a magnetic base resistance and maximum level with air resistance
Progressive training principle: the harder you pull, the higher the intensity
Helps improve the cross-country skiing technique
Very joint-friendly
Equipped with transport wheels
Very good training computer with many options
Space-saving dimensions
Suited for mounting to the wall | Optional: free-standing with the separately available stand (buy in a set and save)
Display: time, time/500m, distance, calories burnt, strokes per minute, total strokes, pulse and watts
Taurus Scandic-X Indoor Trainer – Programs:
3 interval programs: 20/10 (Tabata); 10/20 and user defined intervals
3 target programs: time, distance, calories burnt
1 watt program
4 heart rate programs: 60%, 75%, 85% and target heart rate
Quick start mode/manual mode
Please note that the pictured Scandic-X is has the stand mounted. This is not contained in the normal packaging but can be separately pruchased
Max. user-weight - Taurus Scandic-X Indoor Trainer: 150 kg

Cross-country skiers belong to the fittest athletes, due to the sport demanding total body strength and condition. On the Taurus Scandic-X Indoor Trainer this movement can almost be perfectly simulated. The Scandic-X is a perfect training machine at home or in professional gyms.
Ski exercise machine – especially versatile fitness machine
Improving general fitness, training the core muscles, lose weight, warm-up, more endurance, a better technique for cross-country skiing and and and... reach uncountable goals with the Taurus Scandic-X Indoor Trainer. At first sight of the Scandic-X you would think that only the arms would be trained – when in fact an almost full body training is possible. Power comes more from the back and chest than from the arms. Through a small squatted position the glutes and leg muscles are activated as well as the lower back and abdominal muscles. It's no wonder that cross-country skiers are among the fittest athletes in the world.
Well equipped in compact dimensions
The indoor ski trainer can be easily mounted to the wall, therefore needing very little space if at home or in the gym. Separately available is also a stand, so that the ski trainer can stand freely in the room. For this reason the Scandic-X also has transport wheels mounted on the back.

The Taurus Scandic-X Indoor Trainer is built with a hybrid resistance system. With the magnet system you can set the base resistance (in 10 levels), additional resistance is then generated during training from the air system. That means the harder you pull, the higher the intensity. In a quick pull the air will be quickly displaced. This principle works quite well up to a certain speed, but after that the air displaced is "in the way" of the air that needs to get displaced. Therefore the difficulty is increased.

A blue back-lit, easy to read display is mounted on the mast of the ski trainer. All training values are displayed and settings are made on this training computer. For example, you can choose a heart rate program, that warns you when your heart rate increases over your set limit. Or choose one of the interval programs, that will bring you to your limits within minutes.
More results through variety with your training
The main principle on this ski trainer is very easy: Just pull on the grips. You are also able to pull in many different ways. You can pull while alternating, switching from pulling left and then pulling right or pulling with more power with both arms at the same time. Dependent on the execution this will also change the muscular focus of the exercise. With quick pulls of both arms at the same time, the resistance is higher and needs more power. By switching between the arms, the stablising muscles in the core are activated.

Even the posture effects the results of your training. Normally training is done in slight squat position. But you can also kneel, sit or even lay down for training. Also looking towards/away from or even in a sideways position to the Scandic-X effects your training results. But the best way is to try it out and find out what exercise/position you have the most fun with so that you get the best results!
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Product Reviews

Average rating from 2 reviews
Very Happy
Can't fault at all, i bought the floor stand to use rather than wall mount and must say i was surprised how sturdy the machine actually is.

Great Purchase
I'm so glad I went for this product in the end, great for interval training, easy to assemble and the choices of hand grips were a nice touch.