Taurus RX7 Rowing Machine

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Key Features:
  • Easy to assemble
  • 16 Levels of resistance
  • 26 Training programmes
  • Foldable for compact storage
  • Integrated remote control on the handle
Rowing off the water has never been easier and the RX7 Rowing Machine from Taurus combines user functionality with high-performance.

The hybrid resistance system offers you a very comfortable pulling motion in both the low and high intensity training zones. With 16 resistance levels, the combined magnetic and air resistance offers plenty of advantages to you. You can for example set a basic resistance level to train at.

The hybrid system also means that the smoothness of pulling at any intensity is far better. The magnetic resistance tends to work in the lower training zones, whereas the air resistance is more effective and provides a greater pull at the higher intensities.

Because of the magnetic resistance, you can train to a Watt program. Setting the Watt value of Up to 300W, the on-board computer would then control the resistance level depending upon the pulling speed so that the Watt value is constantly maintained.

Additionally, the air resistance offers much higher levels of resistance, meaning that the RX7 is perfect for both beginners all the way through to competitive, serious rowers.

Unlike many rowing machines currently on the market, the RX7 allows you to change settings easily thanks to the cleverly designed remote control that has been integrated into the handle of the rower. This allows you to keep rowing rather than having to stop to change a setting, program or resistance level.

With one of the most advanced on-board computers compared to other rowers currently available, it is both easy to use and offers outstanding functionality.

Boasting 26 training programmes and 2 fitness tests the computer offers something for all users.
The Pace programme allows you to set a time and distance with a pace-boat which helps you keep to the correct speed. The Race programme allows you to race against other users who have set a time over 500m.

With a modern design the RX7 has been expertly manufactured to ensure that it not only looks great but that the rower is as good as it can be to meet the demands it will be put under. It is slightly higher than other rowers, so is the seat which makes getting on and off more comfortable for a greater range of people. It will withstand even the most intensive workouts and loads and is a perfect light commercial option for private fitness setups.

The rail of the RX7 is slightly longer and extremely stable whilst the upholstered seat is comfortable to sit on.

Four heart-rate based programmes; 60 % (fat burning), 75 % (aerobic cardio), 90 % (maximum performance and a target heart-rate program offers plenty of variety. It includes pre-set training programmes such as Fartlek as well as custom programmes and both a fitness and recovery test. There is also an integrated pulse receiver for chest straps, chest straps sold separately.

The RX7 is both easy to assemble and store when not in use.

Foldable and with transport wheels on the base, the rower can be neatly and easily tidied away.
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Product Reviews

Average rating from 275 reviews
Na hem geprobeerd te hebben in Fitshop Rotterdam besloten hem te kopen. Hij moet nog arriveren maar als hij zo net zo goed is als die in de showroom dan kan dat al niet meer stuk! Top gedaan Fitshop

Aufbau auch alleine in 40 MIn. möglich. Preis/Leistung spitze. Ist etwas für die ganze Familie.

Fijne roeier, heel fijn dat het zitje hoger zit dan bij de concept 2.

stabiel en sterk apparaat, gebruik deze dagelijks

Habe mir das Gerät vor circa 2 Monaten zugelegt und bin super zufrieden. Preis/Leistung ist meiner Meinung nach Top.

Habe mir das Gerät vor circa 2 Monaten zugelegt und bin super zufrieden. Preis/Leistung ist meiner Meinung nach Top.

die angegebene Aufbauzeit von 180 Minuten und 2 Personen ist total übertrieben. Das mitgelieferte Werkzeug kann man leider mal total vergessen. Ansonsten ist es ein gutes Gerät, lässt sich leicht aufbauen, mit einem Brustgurt erfasst es auch sofort die Pulsfrequenz. Finde für den Preis bekommt man ein gutes Gerät

erg fijn apparaat! Vooral omdat je de weerstand kan verstellen op het handvat. Hierdoor kan ik mijn training een stuk moeilijker maken!

Fijne roeier , zit fijn door hoge zitting . Goed geholpen in Fitshop Roosendaal

Ein super Gerät welches von mir und meiner Frau gerne genutzt wird. Leichter Aufbau und Inbetriebnahme. Das Gerät habe ich direkt im Laden in Schleswig gekauft und habe dort eine super Beratung und Service bekommen. Schnelle Lieferung. Einfach super!!!