Taurus Massage Gun

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Key Features:
  • Includes 4 massage attachments
  • 5 Vibration levels
  • Massages trigger points
  • Relieves pain
  • Lightweight and easy to use
Whether it be pain relief, post-workout stiffness reduction or loosening tension, the Taurus Massage Gun, is a professional level self-massage device that can be configured to help with several problems.

With 4 interchangeable heads and 5 different vibration levels. The gun can be used as part of a training regime, workout recovery or indeed simply to enjoy a relaxing massage.

Designed by experts, the Taurus Massage Gun is both lightweight to handle whilst the modern design and finish of the gun, makes it look great and will fit perfectly into any home / gym / sports team or club facility.


The 4 interchangeable heads have very different functionality and uses. All of them are easy-to-clean and changing from one to the other is extremely easy to do.

The Ball attachment is recommended for use on larger muscle groups and massage trigger points on your body.

The Flat attachment can be used for larger areas on your body, where pressure is applied to a larger area.

The Fork attachment should be used to massage around joints and bones, such as the spine.

Finally, the Finger attachment offers very focused massages on trigger points.

The vibration levels of the gun with any of the attachments can be adjusted between 20Hz & 58Hz, which is over 34000 strokes per minute.

There are many advantages and benefits of using a massage gun in general, but the Taurus Massage Gun prides
itself on the following:

  • Loosening tension in your body

  • Helps relieve post-exercise muscle soreness

  • Massages trigger points

  • Increases mobility

  • Relieves pain

  • Releases bonding of fasciae

  • Increases blood flow

More intense than the traditional foam roller or foam rolling exercises / recovery techniques, the Taurus Massage Gun can cover all of these areas, and it has never been simpler with just one device. By targeting specific muscle groups thanks to the customizable and adapatable functionality, this model is suitable but not limited to high-level performing athletes, the regular gym-goer or users who simply wish to relieve some stress and relax.

With 4 hours of battery life on a single charge and an amplitude of 10mm this model is superb value for money, reliable, powerful and durable.


In the box of the Taurus Massage Gun you will receive the following: the device itself, 4 massage attachments, plug-in charger all within a protective carry case.
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Superb !
Highly recommend, absolutely great product!

Brilliant quality product and service, would recommend. Definitely eases pain and tension, can't go without it!

Amazing service! Product is great quality, would recommend!

Amazing and quick!
Used this to sort a pain in my shoulder, sorted it out within minutes so I recommended it to my friend, he bought it and loves it too!