Taurus IC70 Pro Indoor Studio Cycle

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Key Features:
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Friction brake braking system
  • Vertical and horizontal saddle adjustment
  • LCD console
Part of the reason we love cycling is because it allows us to get outside and explore - but with the IC70 from Taurus, you can simulate that experience indoors, whether that be in your house or commercial facility.

The Taurus IC70 has been designed to cope with the demands of daily use in both commercial and home gyms.

With a smooth and powerful 20kg flywheel and friction braking system, the IC70 is a high-quality bike suitable for all levels of fitness, from beginner to professional athletes.

Cycling offers a great cardiovascular workout for the body and is also good for optimising fat burning. Using a bike may help tone your quad, calf and glute muscles as well as strengthening your tendons, without any load bearing – this is a great tool for injury rehabilitation work as the joints bear no actual weight!

Fat burning takes place when your heart rate is at around 65-75% of your maximum. You can measure your heart rate manually via a chest mounted HR strap (sold separately) which links to the electronic display featured on the IC70. By measuring your heart rate correctly, you can then use the bike to help burn fat, lose weight and improve conditioning.

The LCD display featured on the IC70 Pro also provides other vital workout information such as: duration, distance, speed and calories – all of which are vital information markers when it comes to improving performance.

The IC70 does not feature pre-programmed workouts which allows for a full tailored approach to your training whereby you can train exactly how you like. The bike features an easy to work frictional breaking system, making the intensity you select extremely easy to manipulate and select - This particular style of bike is perfect for HIIT style workouts however the bike could be used alongside cycling apps for other useful workouts which will help you achieve your fitness goals!

Your heart and lungs make up your cardiovascular system and the fitter you become, the more efficiently they perform. As a result, this means a better flow of blood throughout your body and a corresponding increase in speed with which the oxygen is pumped through your system. Through increasing bike usage throughout your training sessions, there is an associated improvement in the performance of your CV system and therefore overall fitness – this has been made more comfortable than ever to do so with the three way adjustable handlebar and saddle feature this bike has, you’re able to adjust the incline, horizontal and vertical positions of both granting a custom fit bike for you!

Another advantage of cycling is that it is a non-load bearing form of exercise. By that, your whole body is not being supported during your training as it is when for example, you run. The very action of sitting means that a degree of pressure is being removed from your joints, therefore less chance for injury. This also has rehabilitation purposes however some may favour a recumbent bike for this.

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Warranty conditions for Taurus IC70 Pro Indoor Studio Cycle

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Manufacturer's warranty Full Warranty
Home 2 years
Light Commerical 12 months
Full Comerical 6 months
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