Taurus Ergo-X Classic Air Bike

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Key Features:
  • Offers a full-body workout
  • Comfortable and adjusts to fit various heights
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Measure performance and progress
  • 4-Way adjustable seat
Train in your own space, in your own time with the latest Air Bike from Taurus. The Ergo-X Classic Air Bike has been rigorously tested to ensure its’ outstanding reliability and performance matches the best Air Bike’s on the market.

Air bikes normally endure an enormous amount of heavy use and the last thing you want is a light frame, or arms that wobble around – there is no risk of this with the Ergo-X Classic. Weighing only 53.5kg, Taurus have beefed up the arm joint (the universal ball joint used in the arm attachment), this is the most common join to break in an Air Bike.

Other Air Bikes use a standard bushing on the arm connector and because of the nature of the intense exercises performed during an Air Bike workout, the arms not only move front and back, there is some side to side movement. This universal ball joint allows for this “play” and does not create a rigid connection; prone to breaking.

Pushing, pulling, and pedalling can all be done with a Taurus Ergo-X Classic Air Bike. This activates muscles in your arms, chest, back, legs, and even your core. Quickly burn calories with a full-body workout where you control the intensity of your workout.

The Taurus Ergo-X Classic Air Bike's resistance is controlled by the user, not the machine. You can control the intensity of your workout; in theory the harder you push, pull and pedal, the more air you're moving and the greater the resistance.

Cool-down and lower your heart-rate by easing the intensity of your push, pull, and pedal stroke in order to decrease the resistance and amount of air moving.

The Taurus Ergo-X Classic Air Bike comes everything you're accustomed to and more! The console measures distance, watts, speed, and calories with the identical formula to leading competitor models. The LCD screen gives you an easy way to measure performance and track your progress.

The console also allows for switching between units of measurement: meters or miles and measures to the tenth of a calorie so you know your exact progress. This ensures more accurate reading of changes in speed, whilst being easy and to use and read.

Taurus have also included the ability to exercise to a set or target distance / calories / or time and the console will count down from your target, allowing you to see how much longer you have to work for. You can also setup custom work, rests and numbers of rounds within seconds.

The Taurus Ergo-X Classic Air Bike features increased durability by using higher quality parts throughout the frame. Taurus have focused to reinforce weak points of other Air Bike models to create what they believe is the most durable and robust Air Bike on the market. The frame weighs more than comparable models which leads to more stability. Higher quality parts such as the Universal ball-joints where the handlebars connect to the linkage-arms is just one example.

A 3-piece 170mm crank, sealed cartridge bottom bracket, and sealed ball-bearing cartridges at every joint ensure a strong and sturdy piece of kit. The Taurus Ergo-X Classic Air Bike utilizes the best technology in exercise bikes for a heavy-duty piece of equipment built to withstand anything thrown at it! More robust than competitor Air Bikes and using more durable moving parts, it offers outstanding value for money.

The 4-way adjustable seat allows you to adjust the seat up/down, and forward/back. Simply loosen the pop-pin and pull out to adjust the vertical distance from seat to pedal. Next, loosen the seat track lever to slide the seat closer or further away from the handlebars.

Simply tilt the Taurus Ergo-X Classic Air Bike forward and roll away using the 2 over-sized wheels from the front stabilizer. Easy to move around, you can easily store the bike when not in use to keep your workout area tidy.

Home Warranty - 36 Months (Parts Only)
Light Commercial Warranty - 24 Months (Parts Only)
Full Commercial Warranty - 12 Months (Parts Only)

Maximum User Weight
Dimensions Open
125x63x125cm (LxWxH)
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Product Reviews

Average rating from 19 reviews
Fantastic bike
This bike is gym quality as such great price, super happy with my purchase

great air bike
excellent air bike, great for a full body workout

Killer Workout
This bike is perfect and offers the killer of all workouts. The seat isn’t that comfortable, but I’m not using mine for sustained training periods - I couldn’t. It’s well built, solid, belt driven (not chain), heavy & stable when in use but mobile (it has wheels). The display is easy to read & use. I looked at the Assault, Rogue, etc but all sold out & c.£300+ more expensive. Unless your competing professionally, you won’t need more than what this bike has to offer.....

Outstanding quality, bike feels sturdy and comfortable. The service was fantastic, could not recommend enough.

Taurus air bike
Really sturdy bike, and easy to assemble, but the only con for me, is that the seat isn't comfortable, so I'll probably change the seat.

Taurus euro x classic
What a unit, took a while to unpack as was well packed. This does weigh a bit so be careful. Once built the bike is compact and solid, digital screen easy to read and the adjustments to suit are flexible enough for all . Very smooth use but it will get very breezy while using it. Cannot wait to progress on it. Looks great and easy to move about.

Taurus Ergo
For the price it’s brilliant. I wanted a Rogue Echobike but they are currently out of stock & >£900. The Taurus is big, heavy and well engineered. Plus it’s £599. Clearly it’s had some design inspiration from an Assault bike.. However, the Taurus is just as good & makes me want to puke every time. No buyers remorse.

Great machine
For the price I paid, this was a great equipment, honestly loved it

Great piece of equipment
Decided to go for an air bike rather than your standard one. Had used them in the gym before and really like them. Bike is really sturdy and creates great resistance.

Hardcore workout
If you are looking for one piece of equipment to get the best workout from then I would suggest getting one of these bikes... 10 intervals of 20 secs on this and I could barely walk. The bike itself is great quality, easy to assemble and feels really sturdy.