Taurus 10.5 Pro Commercial Upright Exercise Bike

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Taurus UB10.5-2 Upright Bike
16 Reviews
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Key Features:
  • Self-generating power
  • 20 Workout Programs & 16 Resistance Levels
  • LED TFT Touch Screen Console
  • Suitable For Commercial Use
  • 181kg Maximum User Weight
The Taurus 10.5 Pro Commercial Upright Bike is ideal for any commercial grade fitness facility or anyone looking for a luxury upright Bike for their home. If you’re looking for a top of the range model that provides users with a fun, interactive and challenging fitness experience, look no further than the Taurus 10.5 Pro Commercial Upright Bike.

The beautifully finished solid steel frame provides a maximum load capacity of 181kg which can easily cope with the daily rigours of any busy commercial gym facility.

With its self-generating motor you don’t have to worry about electricity costs or mains power positioning. Just begin using the machine and within a few seconds it will power up and you can begin your workout.

The durable two-layer poly-v belt drive is maintenance free and will also keep noise to a minimum.

The Taurus 10.5 Pro Commercial Upright Bike has an LED TFT touch screen (thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal display) console which is extremely easy to use, even for quick workouts. Select your program or preferred resistance setting while using the manual program profile, it couldn't be more simple. The console also provides superb feedback by constantly displaying your speed, workout duration, distance travelled, calories burned and heart rate display which are all great sources of information to help motivate you through each and every workout.

Equipped with a variety of 20 programs including 6 heart rate controlled options, you can really optimize your training needs based on your specific goals whether your aim is to burn fat or to improve cardiovascular fitness.

Heart rate feedback can be measured via the hand grip pulse sensors or the wireless Polar compatible heart rate receiver (chest strap sold separately) which will provide an even more accurate reading of the users heart rate therefore providing an even more optimal heart rate controlled workout.

The non-slip handlebars provide multiple positions whether the user wishes to cycle in an upright sitting position or leaning over in a sprint position and the saddle is extremely easy to adjust featuring 20 possible heights which will easily accommodate virtually all potential users of varying heights.

Exercise bikes provide a great low-impact workout, deal for maintaining joint health, along with benefits such as increased lower body muscle tone and core conditioning as well as improved cardiovascular health. Whether you want to boost cardio stamina, promote healthy weight loss or strengthen and tone the muscles, the Taurus 10.5 Pro Commercial Upright Exercise Bike is an ideal choice to contribute to achieving your fitness goals.

Braking system : electromagnetic induction brake
Output : 40 - 350 W
Balance mass according to the manufacturer : 10 kg
Dimensions set-up : 112 × 68 × 142 cm
Max. user-weight : 181 kg
Inside leg measurement
22.5" - 37"
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Product Reviews

Average rating from 12 reviews
Ideal bike for mobility issues
Being a larger woman looking to lose weight I needed a bike that would be suitable for myself (until the weight has shifted) and I came across the Taurus 10.9. After reading some reviews I decided to treat myself and purchase and I cannot say how glad I am to have done so. Very sturdy very robust no movement whilst mounting/dismounting easy clear to read screen its just perfect the only thing if anything is that its rather bulky but as I understand it the bike has been made to be used in a commercial setting as well as home so I can fully undeerstand this.

Commercial grade, great value
Got this bike for my aunt because be is has to start doing some exercise because the GP has advised do to her being very over weight this bike is the only bike that we can fit in her living room and one of the only bike that can take her weight as well looks great works great and easy to use

This bike is a beast!
Fantastic studio bike. It's very sturdy and high quality. The seat adjustment system is very convenient and the seat cushioning is very comfortable. The bike doesn't need any mains so you can put it anywhere in the studio without any dangerous cables around. The console has many pre-set workout programs and the touchscreen is easy to use.

Amazing Cycle
Amazing bike, and great build quality. Bike is self generating power so need to plug in which makes it easy to place throughout your home. The touch screen is great and easy to use.

Great Bike
Great product! I recently purchased this bike as a way of getting fitter during lockdown. The taurus brand has been one I have associated with high quality since I first used their products a few years ago hence why I opt for this over a more expensive brand such as life fitness. The display is very dynamic and features multiple options which are really easy to understand and adjust so you can programme a workout specific to your needs and wants. I have found the saddle to be extremely wide and comfortable compared to others which are often very hard and narrow which isn’t comfortable for my style of cycling. The riding position is handy and the heart rate monitors helo me stay in the zone I need to be in.

Fantastic screen
We had the Taurus bike installed in our home gym over Christmas and have used it quite a lot. The screen is much better than anticipated and has quite a lot of things you can do with it. The seat is super comfortable and I was worried that it would be as uncomfortable as the ones you get in the classes at the gym. One thing I would say is that I wanted to move the bike to the other side of the room but I couldn't lift it as it is way too heavy. Luckily my son shifted it for me as he's much more able than I am. The wheels definitely do help but I just couldn't lean it onto them.

Very Comfortable
The thing I like best is the wide comfortable seating and easy controls. Really professional, solid, gear.

Taurus 10.5 Pro
This bike is an absolute beast. The programs are great and it is very smooth.

Options for everyone in the family!
The Taurus Ergometer UB10.5 Pro is a very good device to burn the necessary calories. The standard programs are good and there are plenty of options. All in all, there are options for everyone in the family.

Amazing bike!
Very satisfied with the sturdiness of this model.