Taurus Balance Pad

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Key Features:
  • Trains balance, coordination, and flexibility
  • Gentle to ligaments and joints
  • Surface with nonslip honeycomb structure
  • Elastic, durable material
  • Great for rehabilitation
The Taurus Balance Pad trains balance, coordination, and flexibility.
The Taurus Balance Pad presents a brilliant selection of exercises. The Balance Pad offers a combined workout to improve your fitness and coordination abilities decisively. Thanks to its elasticity, you are always obliged to keep balance while exercising on the Balance Pad. Even simple exercises on the Balance Pad as, i.e. one-legged standing, offer an effective program. Improve balance and bodily feeling, tense deep muscles especially, and stabilize your posture.

Exercising on the Taurus Balance Pad stands for versatility
Exercising on the Balance Pad of Taurus is gentle to ligaments and joints. Special exercises for rehabilitation can be ideally done on the Balance Pad. Special programs train motor activity and help to build muscles. Exercises on the Balance Pad can be done in standing, lying or sitting position. Do exercises for stretching and cardio as well as strength with the Taurus Balance Pad. Push-ups are much more effective on the Taurus Balance Pad than on the floor.

Taurus Balance Pad: simple and just great
The Taurus Balance Pad is characterized by its great quality. The surface has a nonslip honeycomb structure for doing all exercises on the Balance Pad safely. Exercising on the Balance Pad of Taurus is even possible in water. It is very elastic and returns to its original shape immediately after use. The absorption features of the Balance Pad are excellent. The Taurus Balance Pad is easily washable and has a stain resistant, hygienic surface.

•Taurus Balance Pad exercises balance, coordination, and flexibility
•Surface with nonslip honeycomb structure
•Very elastic, does not lose its shape
•Can even be used in water
•Taurus Balance Pad, the advantages:◦usable at any time
◦many exercise possibilities
◦elastic, durable material
◦ideal for rehabilitation
◦exercising in standing, lying or sitting position
◦excellent improvement of posture and functional motions

•Soft, body heated material for pleasant feeling
•Comfortable stimulation on soles
•Taurus Balance Pad can be used on both sides
•Exercising on the Balance Pad - best results with barefoot
•Hygienic and easy to clean with a wet rag
• Dimensions set-up - Taurus Balance Pad: (L) 47.5 cm x (W) 39.5 cm x (H) 6 cm
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Taurus Balance Pad
These Taurus Balance Pads are excellent, they give me more instability then more expensive ones I own, I use two for squats to recover from a knee injury. Better quality, cheaper price and they came in a sturdy cardboard box, unlike your some other companies bit of plastic wrapping. Would highly recommend these.