Strength Starter Pack

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Key Features:
  • Doorway Pull-up/Chin-up Bar
  • Push-up Stands
  • Power Hand Grip
  • Exercise Wheel
  • Perfect for developing serious strength

It’s time to get strong! The strength starter pack is perfect if you’re wanting to start developing your strength and muscular health!

Strength training isn’t just for bulking up. There are a massive range of benefits from improving joint health and bone density to increasing metabolism and decreasing risk of various diseases.

The Strength Starter Pack is the perfect kit to get you going on your journey towards a stronger you!

BodyMax DOORWAY PULL-UP/CHIN-UP BARNothing screams “STRONG” quite like pull-ups! Teh biggest problem is finding somewhere safe to perform them. With the Doorway Pull-up/Chin-up Bar you can practice your pull-ups in your own home.

Easy set-up turns any door frame into a versatile workout station in just a few minutes. The bar features non-slip foam grips to make sure you are comfortable and safe when performing your exercises.

Strengthen the upper back with pull-ups; work on the biceps with chin-ups; blast your core with hanging leg raises and knee raises. The possibilities are endless!

BodyMax PUSH-UP STANDS – The humble push-up is often forgotten about, but is actually one of the most effective and beneficial exercises there is. And when adjusted properly, can give massive benefits to exercisers of any level!

These push-up stands will give you the chance to add variation to your workouts, making them more or less challenging when you decide and will offer great protection and support for your wrists when exercising.

Stick to the push-ups to work on the chest and shoulders; challenge your core with an L-sit; or start progressing towards the mystical handstand!

BodyMax POWER HAND GRIP – Grip strength is often forgotten about. But a weak grip can massively impact your strength in other activities. So obviously a strong grip will make you stronger in other activities! More than that, grip strength has been linked to risk for disease, risk of falls, and overall health. So work on your grip strength!

With adjustable resistance ranging from 10kg to 40kg, this hand grip will suit people of all levels who are looking to develop their grip strength.

BodyMax EXERCISE WHEEL – Maintaining a strong core is fantastic for your health in so many ways! And you can take your core training to the next level with this exercise wheel!

Roll-outs are one of the most beneficial exercises, and as well as working your abs you will feel the strength gains in your lats, quads, triceps, glutes, and so many more as your entire body works to keep you stable.

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