Sportfood Lean Gainer 2.27kg - Vanilla

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Key Features:
  • 45g of Tri Blend Protein Source Including WPC, WPI & Egg Albumen
  • 65.6g of Carbohydrates with added Fibersol®
  • Four Superb Flavours & Aspartame Free
SportFood Lean Gainer provides a balanced blend of Protein and Carbohydrates to ensure the best possible muscle gain. Lean Gainer contains a high level of BCAA’s.

SportFood Lean Gainer’s protein source is a functional blend of whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate and egg albumen. Lean Gainer also contains carbohydrates and Fibersol® providing sustained energy throughout the day whilst adding extracalories to your diet.

SportFood Lean Gainer typically provides more than 35g of protein per 100g and provides more than 48g of readily available carbohydrates per 100g whilst providing less than 2g of saturated fat.

Added to SportFood Lean Gainer is 3.6g of Fibersol® per 100g. Fibersol® is a unique, soluble dietary bre produced from starch. (Due to the nature of this ingredient, analytical results don’t reflect the true inclusion level).

For lean gains stack with SportFood 100% Creatine Monohydrate.
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