Smart-Tec MassFX + 2.04kg - Banana Smoothie

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Key Features:
  • Tri Source Protein Blend & Dual Carbohydrate Source.
  • Vitamins C, B12 & B6.
  • ZMA Stack.
  • Inulin fibre.
  • MCT Oil.
Smart-Tec Performance nutrition brings you an advanced mass building high protein formula. MassFX+ TriPro protein blend uses three different protein sources to give you a wide range of muscle building amino acids and a gradual absorption of protein throughout the day. MassFX+ uses a dual carbohydrate source and has added MCT oil and Inulin fibre.

To complete MassFX+ the Smart-Tec Performance Nutrition team formulated a wide range of essential ingredients to make it the most complete mass builder available. MassFX+ has ZMA, Vitamins C, B12 and Niacin to give you a true mass shake to aid in your muscle building goals.

Smart-Tec Performance Nutrition recommends using MassFX+ twice per day, first thing upon waking and as a meal replacement during the day. Hard gainers or athletes looking to add extra calories to their diet may add an additional shake last thing at night.

Smart Tec MassFX+ is a high quality mass gainer designed for individuals looking to increase muscular size and strength.
Smart Tec MassFX+ has a sustained release protein formula which provides a steady supply of amino acids to support muscle growth.
• Our mass gainer uses a dual sourced carbohydrate blend to provide essential energetic nutrients whilst controlling blood sugar levels.
• Fortified with essential vitamins and minerals Smart Tec MassFX+ mass gainer aids protein absorption and optimise health and performance.
• Now featuring added MCT oil and ZMA to maximise natural hormonal output, resulting in superior protein synthesis and muscle growth.
• An ideal mass gainer for trainers/athletes looking to gain lean muscular size and strength, Smart Tec MassFX+ is an easy, convenient way to add high quality calories to their diet.
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