Smart-Tec Iso Smart Isotonic 500ml 12 Bottles

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Key Features:
  • Refreshing Mixed Berry Flavour.
  • 32.5g of Fast Acting Carbohydrates.
  • Added B6, B12 & Niacin.
  • Essential Minerals for Recovery & Hydration.
  • Zero Fat.
Smart-Tec Performance Nutrition Iso Smart is our latest Isotonic drink: containing our Tri-source Carbohydrate blend delivering 32.5grams of fast impacting carbohydrates, added B vitamins and essential minerals potassium and Sodium.

Sodium is the primary mineral lost when sweating and is vital that it is replaced. If we simply drink water after exercise we are encouraging our bodies to get rid of more fluid. By using an Isotonic drink with a blend of carbohydrates and minerals you are replacing the lost minerals from sweating and helping put the fuel back in that we have used during exercise.

The Smart-Tec Performance Nutrition Iso Smart formula is completed with Vitamins B6 & B12 which have been shown to aid in energy production within the body.
Iso Smart drinks are perfect for athletes and sports teams and are designed for during and after events.

Smart Tec IsoSmart is a high-carb ready-to-drink isotonic drink with added electrolytes.
Smart Tec IsoSmart is designed to maintain optimal muscle glycogen levels, increasing energy, stamina and endurance and maintaining peak performance for longer.
• The Smart Tec IsoSmart formula provides the ideal concentration of easily assimilated carbohydrate and electrolytes to accelerate rehydration and stabilise mineral balance.
• Very easy to use; ideal for use during training to maintain performance levels, as well as after training to replenish lost energy reserves and kick start recovery from the outset.
• Ideal for anyone looking to increase stamina and endurance, Smart Tec IsoSmart can help maintain optimum performance.

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