Smart-Tec DietFX Bar - Chocolate Orange Twist

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DietFX bars are soft centred with a light chocolate
flavoured coating. The bars are a healthy great tasting
bar that are gelatin free and offer 15 grams of protein
from a fusion of four different protein sources.

The active weight loss ingredients include Caffeine
as a mild thermogenic, healthy fat from Omega 3 and
Choline which has been shown to help regulate blood
sugar levels. The key weight loss ingredient in the
DietFX protein bar is the 500mg of CLA. CLA has been
scientifically proven to decrease the number and size
of adipocytes (fat cells) which in turn helps to lower
your body-fat mass. CLA decreases the activity of LPL
enzymes which help to store triglycerides (fats) in
adipocytes (fat cells). With regular use of CLA, less fat
gets stored.

Research has shown that 3g’s of CLA is the optimal daily
amount. DietFX bars can be used with DietFX diet protein
powder that has 800mg of CLA per serving and also with
Smart-Tec Tonalin CLA 1000mg capsules
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