Smart-Tec DietFX+ 1kg Diet Protein Shake

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Key Features:
  • New & Improved Formula With Added Servings
  • 26g Tri Source Protein per Serving
  • Added omega 3 & Probiotics
  • Added Green Tea, CLA, Caffeine & Choline
  • Industry Leading High protein, Low Carb & Low Fat Diet Formula
The Weight Management and Toning range has been specifically designed to cater for individuals looking to maximise body composition by increasing tone, definition and reducing body fat accumulation. The range has been designed to work synergistically to support natural metabolic rate, increase calorific expenditure, encourage body fat oxidation and aid digestion of energetic nutrients.

DietFx is the flagship product from the Weight Management and Toning range. Designed as an advanced high protein meal replacement formula, it features a whole host of premium quality active ingredients to help support your training goals.

26g of High Quality Protein per Serving to Increase Tone and Definition

DietFx contains 26g of high quality protein per serving to increase tone, definition and help control appetite. The protein content can help ensure recovery from training is enhanced as body is provided with the amino acids necessary to give users that defined look that they desire. It will also help control appetite regulation and support natural metabolic output.

With Caffeine and Green Tea to Increase Thermogenesis

DietFx has added natural thermogenic ingredients to increase calorific expenditure during training as well as at rest. The higher an individual’s metabolic rate the easier weight loss can become as well as efforts to maintain a lower body fat level in the long term. Users will also experience increased energy and reduced hunger cravings due to the stimulant content.

Added Carnitine, Choline and Conugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) to support Lipolysis

The addition of L-Carnitine and CLA can help users increase natural lipolysis, the process by which the body breaks up body fat to be used as an energy source. Both of these powerful compounds are also very beneficial for long term body composition improvements; therefore users can prevent the dreaded ‘yo yo’ dieting, where body fat is quickly regained after it has been lost. DietFx is not a quick fix diet product; it is designed to compliment a lifestyle conducive to optimal health, fitness and body composition.
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Product Reviews

Average rating from 29 reviews
Strawberry FX
I’ve been using the SmartTec Diet FX range for a number of years now. It tastes delicious, just like angel delight (for those who remember that!) it keeps you full between meals and is really easy to measure and mix.

great taste
really great taste and helped me with weight loss

Diet FX
I love my shakes in the morning and I feel Diet FX gets me off to a great start each day. Also, love the flavour!

Diet FX
Great no nonsense protein powder. I have ibs and got cramps with other powders but no problems with this one. Pouch zip works well. Good vfm.

Great tasting product used as a meal replacement helps me stay fuller for longer

Great product, tastes great. Would deffinitely recommend.

Whey protein products
Great products love the taste easy to mix Would recommend .. Used to use a different brand but will be using this from now on .:blush:

Great taste
I have tried many protein powders out there, but this one, has an amazing taste and it makes our morning smoothies so creamy.

Great fast service
Wouldn't buy from anywhere else. The service and products are brilliant.

Easy, fast, brilliant...
Easy to order on line Fast to arrive Brilliant products, and I appreciated the freebies this time to try