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Sci-MX Nitro Fusion 900g Tropical

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Nitro-Fusion is unique, revolutionary and far more than just another creatine product! Its advanced formulation activates the following biological muscle and strength building processes:

Sci-MX’s unique Crea-Forté creatine blend (14g of creatine monohydrate, creatine ethyl ester and tri-creatine malate) is rapidly absorbed through the stomach wall and enters the blood stream. Once within the muscle cell mitochondria, creatine molecules quickly go to work by replacing phosphate molecules that break free from ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate) during intense weight training. This raises fast-twitch muscular contractibility, meaning increased power at low reps and the ability to lift heavier weights, resulting in more micro trauma in muscle tissue and triggering adaptive muscle growth.

Muscle building-block replacement:

Taurine and Beta-Alanine then act as building blocks to replace depleted amino acids - this is the actual muscle building process. HMB also acts as a pre-cursor to the amino acid leucine, which ensures that your body remains in an state, thus preventing muscle wastage.

Muscle cell protection:

The above process is so highly biologically metabolic that it can produce cell damaging free radicals and this is why less sophisticated creatine formulations are not as effective. Sci-MX’s scientists have completely overcome this by only using the incredibly powerful R+ type alpha lipoic acid which neutralises free radicals before they can do any harm and hinder muscle growth.

If size, strength and power is what you are after, Nitro-Fusion’s precisely formulated group of substances work in perfect harmony to offer the most effective strength and muscle building, as well as recovery and anti-catabolic package available!
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