Sci-MX Muscle Meal Leancore 2kg - Chocolate

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Key Features:
  • COMPLETE MUSCLE MEAL: Nutritionally rich and balanced shake to be used in conjunction with a muscle gain training and eating plan.
  • LEAN GAIN PROTEIN TO CARB RATIO: 46g protein, 52g carbohydrates and 430 calories per serving contribute to lean muscle gain.
  • 9-HOUR MUSCLE SUPPORT: Fast, medium and slow release proteins continually deliver amino acids to muscle for up to 9 hours.
  • METABOLIC SUPPORT: Optimum levels of magnesium, calcium and iron contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism.
  • COMBATS WORKOUT FATIGUE: 50% RDA of vitamin B6 and B12 help reduce tiredness and fatigue.
Sci-MX's Muscle Meal Leancore contains optimum quantities of proteins, complex carbohydrates, essential fats, amino acids, vitamins and minerals to simulate a high protein, healthy meal. The nutritional profile of one serving is similar to that of one and a half chicken breasts, a medium size potato, and the vitamins and minerals that typically exist in a variety of vegetables and fruit, as well as added essential fats and vital free form and branch chain amino acids. Sci-MX's Muscle Meal Leancore is often described as the "essential all-rounder" of supplements, with almost one billion servings consumed each year worldwide.

This product is designed for anyone wanting to build muscle fast, as well as people that need balanced and nutritious meals throughout the day or after a strenuous strength or endurance training session.

Unlike many other lean muscle gain or meal replacement formulas, Sci-MX's Muscle Meal Leancore is virtually sugar free and contains only very small amounts of purposefully added fructose (natural fruit sugars) which are the best source of liver glycogen replacement (energy stored in the liver).

It is designed to pack muscle on fast whilst keeping fat off with an ideal protein-to-carb ratio, and provide a level of quality protein that guarantees an (promotes muscle growth) environment within the body.
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