Reflex One Stop 2.1kg - Strawberry

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One Stop is the most complete 'all in one' supplement available on the market today.

One Stop has been formulated for those people who want the benefits of an array of high quality and potent supplements for building muscle delivered in one product. One Stop has been formulated to contain all of the key ingredients in research proven dosages.

One Stop is arguably the best formula, best tasting and best all-in-one supplement you can buy today.

74 grams of Cross Flow and Ultra Filtered Whey Protein
The best protein available, 74g of preferentially selected whey protein which is high in branch chain amino acids and bioactive peptides. Whey Protein has the highest biological value of any protein source, it is a proven muscle builder and the most popular bodybuilding protein in the world today.

Superb whole grain carbohydrates from Oats and Barley.
One Stop contains a unique whole grain carbohydrate blend exclusive to Reflex derived from organic oats and barley, other formulae nearly all contain combinations of high GI dextrose and maltodextrin.
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1 Reviews
Been using One stop on
Been using One stop on and off for Two years. Tried all flavors Strawberry being nicest. Taste isn't great and mixabilty also not great, bit sticky but it works. Best all in one I've used. Usually see a diff in week 3. A little pricey but quality ingredients. You will see results with this.