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For the fastest muscle-building protein ism, complete and immediate intestinal absorption of protein is essential. Every shred of protein research suggests that undenatured Whey Protein Isolate is the paramount form of nitrogen for quicker absorption.

For the last ten years researchers at Reflex Nutrition sought to develop the ultimate, highly digestible, undenatured Whey Protein Isolate product. The result, Micro Whey - our purest protein product yet. It's highly advanced form is specifically designed to deliver more biologically active whey peptides and amino acids straight to your muscles.

Micro Whey contains active micro fractions

The number one ingredient in Micro Whey is undenatured Cross Micro Filtered Whey Protein Isolate. Which is likely the highest quality form of whey protein available, it also contains all the biologically Active Micro-Fractions found in native whey protein. More importantly these Active Micro-Fractions have shown to have very positive biological effects within the body.

Brand Comparison*: Micro Whey is a minimum of 86% protein, the leading brand is 76.6% and costs more at £33.99 for 908grams.

Faster, more efficient absorption with Digezyme & Lactospore
The true and unique effectiveness of Micro Whey lies within the very special Digezyme Enzymes, extensively studied and shown to enhance protein digestion. This ultimately provides for a significant increase in absorption efficiency, which in turn leads to more amino acids for muscle growth and repair. Micro Whey also contains Lactospore probiotics to aid with maintaining a healthy gut.

Reflex Guarantees

- Formulated to be the market leader

- More protein and less fat and lactose than the competition

- Better value than the competition

- Made with 100% renewable energy and recyclable container

- Made in accordance with ISO9001 procedures and randomly drug tested in accordance with ISO17025
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Product Reviews

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Great, easy and quick!
Very easy to order as the website is very user friendly. Was constantly updated with the status of my order and it arrived within a couple of days with a free shaker!! Happy days!

Great product and service! Thank
Great product and service! Thank you