Reebok Combat Hand Wraps (1.8m) Black

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Key Features:
  • 180cm long
  • Hook and loop fastening for a secure fit
  • 10% elastane 90% cotton for comfort and flexibility
  • Extremely durable
  • Supreme wrist support
The 180cm long Reebok Combat Wraps are designed to protect your hands and wrists whilst your train.

Reebok Combat Hand Wraps are made of 10% elastane and 90% cotton. Elasticated design ensures a tight wraparound while maintaining comfort and durability. With the hook and loop fastening you are able to wrap quickly and consistently for a tight and secure fit. Each wrap is 180cm long and 5cm wide.

One of the most common injuries associated with boxing and sparring is wrist injury. Reebok Combat Hand Wraps protect your wrists from injuries and provide maximum support and safety during your workouts. A convenient and easy to use on-off velcro fastener keeps the wraps secured in place even through the toughest training sessions.

Whether you use the wraps under your boxing gloves or on their own it’s important to keep your equipment clean and hygienic. Washing your boxing gloves isn’t the easiest task, but with the wraps you can keep your boxing equipment clean at all times. These wraps are easily washable providing a hygienic option for boxers of all levels.

Boxing is a fantastic and effective form of workout whether you are a pro competing boxer, train martial arts or you are a fitness passionate simply looking to gain the benefits of this type of exercise. The benefits of boxing are quite numerous and they will keep your body and mind in the healthiest shape.

Boxing is excellent for your cardiovascular health as each punch forces many muscles to contract all at the same time which makes your heart work intensively to pump the blood and oxygen to all of the used muscles. Including boxing training in your workout routine will improve your coordination, improve your core stability and muscle endurance, strengthens your bones and joints and it’s an amazing stress reliever.

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