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Promic Neoprene Dumbbell Pairs

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Key Features:
  • Smooth and non-slip neoprene coating
  • Each weight has a different colour for easy identification
  • Designed to avoid rolling around
  • Neoprene coating prevents scratches and sweat
Suitable for all ages and fitness levels to body tone and shape, cardio or strength training, the Promic Neoprene Dumbbells have countless uses.

Perfect for all types of lightweight training to build muscles in your arms and shoulders, building stability or core strength, or incorporating reps into your functional circuit training, these dumbbells are more than up to the job.

Made from high-quality metal and covered with neoprene that not only serves as a protective cover to protect metal but also lets your hands have a soft and comfortable grip, providing users with an excellent value for money dumbbell.

The dumbbell heads are plum blossom shape, which prevents the dumbbells from rolling around or indeed sliding around when placed on a flat surface. This ensures that when you are in the middle of a workout or indeed finished an intense session you can be confident that when the dumbbells are placed on the floor they will stay there.

The smooth and non-slip neoprene coating, allows you to grip the dumbbells easily and comfortably whilst also making them easy to care for. The neoprene cover will protect your dumbbells against sweat or scratches and in turn adds a long and durable life-span to your dumbbells.

To make the dumbbells easily identifiable when in a storage rack or on the floor, Promic has colour-codes the dumbbells the following way:

When it comes to exercise out there is no question that dumbbells are a fantastic total-body conditioning tool; providing a fast and effective way of targeting every single major muscle group in your body. Totally versatile you can use dumbbells on a weight bench, stability ball, Bosu ball or on the floor to increase muscle strength and definition.
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Product Reviews

Average rating from 5 reviews
SKU: GRP1050002
Great dumbbells!
Great value for money! The quality is excellent. The dumbbells have a great grip to them so makes it a lot easier to do your workouts, definitely recommend

SKU: GRP1050002
Excellent dumbbells
Superb quality, would highly recommend if you are looking for gym quality equipment.

SKU: GRP1050002
Very impressed with service and delivery. I ordered 5kg set yesterday and they arrived today. Won’t buy anywhere else. Thank you

SKU: GRP1050002
Brilliant quality, definitely recommend.

SKU: GRP1050002
Great price and great quality. Just beware that the handles are quite thick!