ProForm Tour De France TDF Pro 5.0 Studio Exercise Bike

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Key Features:
  • The Feeling That's Real
  • 10" Touchscreen Console
  • iFit® Coach Ready™
  • 20% Incline, 20% Decline
  • Power Meter (Watts)

France. Germany. Canada. You could visit them all with the TDF Pro 5.0 Exercise Bike. With this studio bike you can race through the course of the 2015 Tour de France, or create your own route using iFit technology. With high-tech features including a 10”, web enabled touchscreen and up to 20% incline and decline, this indoor bike will give you the feel of an outdoor cycle.

Product Details

Electronic Shifting Controls with 30 Gears and SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance

The TDF Pro 5.0 features a triple front chainring and 10 rear gear speeds to allow you to move smoothly through 30 gears. And, because we know you take your training seriously, this bike also features customisable gear ratios so that you can match your personal road bike.

Workouts aren’t meant to be loud. Thankfully, the TDF Pro 5.0 uses silent magnetic resistance to ensure your workout stays quiet, even when you increase the intensity.

PLEASE NOTE: *access may be limited/restricted for some websites

10" Touchscreen Console and iFit® Coach Compatability

Included on the TDF Pro 5.0 is the ultimate control station - a 10” touchscreen console. With web enabled technology, you can enjoy all your favourite fitness apps and programs as you work out. Navigate through your workout with live stats, from speed and time to calories burned and heart rate - and all in high definition.

Get ready for any route in the world with iFit® technology*. iFit® utilises Google Maps to allow you to create and ride a route anywhere in the world. Enjoy that real road feeling afforded by automatic incline and decline, and wave as you pass the crowds on Street View.

*iFit® membership sold separately. Requires access to computer, tablet or smartphone. Trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners. Google Maps is a trademark of Google, Inc. Syncing iFit account currently available on Android and iOS tablets only. Tablet not included.

Power Meter and 20% Incline/Decline Capability

The TDF Pro 5.0 uses a power algorithm to track your workout like the pros. Precise stats are provided by the power meter to give you the best indication of your performance.

The TDF Pro 5.0 allows you to incline and decline up to 20% for that real road feeling as you cycle. Reactive to every hill and dip on your route, the TDF Pro 5.0 is the ideal bike to train for any course in the world.

HD Video Workouts

Experience high definition workouts via the touchscreen console, and train on past Tour de France routes including the Champs Elysees and Alpe d’Huez.

24 Preset Tour Workout Apps

Now you can go from spectator to rider with one of 24 preset Tour de France routes. Experience life at the front of the race and select from everything from mountain stages to time trials.

BLE Wireless Technology Compatable

The TDF Pro 5.0 can help you achieve maximum results by keeping you in your target heart rate zone*.

*Requires BLE heart rate monitors - sold separately.

iPod® Compatible Audio with Speakers

Two 2-inch speakers make listening to your own music easier than ever before. Simply connect your iPod®* to the Intermix Acoustics 2.0 Sound System and get cycling.

*iPod® is a trademark of Apple, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. iPod not included.

Adjustable Saddle and Handlebars

The non-slip handlebars of the TDF Pro 5.0 are built with comfort in mind, allowing you to cycle for longer. Additionally, the ergonomic saddle is fully adjustable both vertically and horizontally so that you can find the position which is right for you.

Dual Water Bottle Holder

Keep hydrated easily with the convenient built-in water bottle holder.

Pedals with Toe Cages and Straps

To help you get the most out of your ride, the pedals on the TDF Pro 5.0 feature built-in toe cages and straps.

Front Mounted transport Wheels

Front-mounted wheels make it easy to move your TDF Pro 5.0 around.

Adjustable Leveling Feet

Optimise your ride by keeping the bike stable with the adjustable leveling feet.


Indoor cycles are hugely popular and are a fantastic solution for training at home, as they typically don’t require much space and can be easily manoeuvred from place to place. Cycling is a wonderful form of exercise and benefits include: -

  • Increased calorie burning

  • Overall improvements to general health and fitness

  • Improved lower body muscle tone

  • Low impact exercise which sustains joint health

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8 Reviews
Efficient and hassle free service
Company great to deal with, very helpful and it was easy to get a replacement part I required. In addition PF offered to set up my guarantees from the phone call saving paperwork. My TDF Pro 5.0 is really the business testing every sinew in my body. This studio exercise bike simulates a road bike very well. I am more than happy to recommend both Powerhouse Fitness and the Pro 5.0 to anyone.

Tour de France Pro 5 exercise bike
Dealing with Powerhouse Fitness was indeed a pleasure I got the best price on the Exercise bike although the bike was a bit complicated to work out but we got there eventually.

Smooth, classy piece of equipment.
New to exercise bikes, we bought this to add to our small amount of gym equipment and we love it, even the aching limbs. My wife is new to exercise but loves “tech” so this bike was the perfect “carrot” and it won’t be long before she has the work-out bug now, I am certain. The google maps feature through the i-fit membership is great fun and something we will use a great deal. The bike is smooth, well made and, hopefully, durable. We look forward to exploring the world in our loft.

Tour De France pro-Tour 5.0 excercise bike
5 stars all the way, excellent service from ordering to taking delivery, first class service.

Easy but so advanced
The bike is so easy to assemble and great to store and move with the wheels. It also gives an advanced workout especially in combination with iFit. I’m loving the street views!

Pro form Tour de France 5.0
What can I say loved the bike gives me the incentive to get fit

Pro form Tour de France bike, pro 5.0 studio excercise bike
Does what it say's on the tin. Great bike

Pro form Tour de France bike, pro 5.0 studio excercise bike
Fab bike, love everything about it! very motivated everyday to get on it and finish the routes! Very happy buyer!