Physical Edge D-Aspartic Acid (DAA)

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Testo DAA: The next big thing! D-aspartic acid is the latest and most advanced natural test booster which delivers an average 46-48% increase in natural testosterone production

The biggest revelation in the sports supplement world since the first time creatine monohydrate appeared. D-aspartic acid is set to be the biggest new thing in the market for all male athletes with genuine rises in testosterone levels of up to 48%!

Causing a worldwide storm of interest, testimonials and reviews D-aspartic acid is on near every bodybuilding internet forum. With such intense claims it is under thorough scrutiny from supplement companies, athletes and so forth to assess its true potency. The scary thing is it lives up if not exceeds all of its reputation! Now everyone wants to use it to further their training, intensify their workouts and fuel their muscle growth. It has become a sensation in the bodybuilding community and is set to have a strong future as the most powerful natural test boosting compound around!

A rise so large in natural testosterone levels is previously unthought-of of, levels of testosterone that high have been seen from use of PH and other not natural hormonal supplements however not even the previous daddy of all test boosters tribulus can compare to the potency of D-aspartic acid.

D-aspartic acid works by stimulating an increased production of LH (Luteinzing Hormone) which in turn signals the testes to produce more testosterone. Some studies have shown very promising results in huge increases in testosterone but most average at between 46-48% increases in natural testosterone production.

Finally, D-aspartic acid has received such attention it has seen trails in studies by the journal of reproductive biology and endocrinology. This study also highlighted D-aspartic acid's potential as a natural testosterone booster increasing LH levels from 18-112%. Even males between the ages of 65-67 saw an increase in LH levels, making this the perfect supplement for any natural testosterone purpose whether Post Cycle Therapy or as a libido booster.
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