PhD Waxy Vol - 2kg - Mango Crush

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Although waxy barley starch is a relatively new ingredient to the sports nutrition arena, Sportfood strongly recommend PhD Waxy vol as the number one carb product of its type!

Most of you will have heard of waxy maize starch. Well PhD are the first to introduce to the market, Waxy Barley Starch. Waxy Barley Starch is exceptionally low GI (1), contains healthy Beta Glucan fibre and unlike maltodextrin and maize starch, brings you all the considerably extra goodness and health benefits of Barley. Fantastic for athletes of all levels and sports from rugby, cycling, football, athletics, martial arts, long distance running and weight training, Waxy-VOL is a must for any athlete seeking either slow burning energy, carb-loading and/or maximum recovery from intense exercise.

Keeping the Grain Raw

All athletes understand the importance of raw grains and that when we cook grains that are initially low GI (such as Oats), we raise the GI, rendering the ingredient less of a complex carbohydrate option that in it’s raw state. Waxy VOL provides raw barley, ideal to add to protein drinks, meal replacement drinks, High GI energy drinks (to decrease the GI), to boost the complex carbohydrate count of a mass-gaining drink or to just add Unflavoured Waxy-VOL to orange juice or your favourite fruit juice.

Waxy-VOL is perfect for:

+ Slow release energy.

+ Long-term endurance and stamina.

+ Recovery from intense exercise.

+ Carb-loading.

+ Pre-exercise to ensure muscle fullness and strength.

+ An addition to a high-carbohydrate, mass building diet.

+ A healthy source of low GI carbohydrates. (1)

Waxy-VOL Contains:

· All eight essential amino acids in a ratio mirroring the human body’s.

· Beta-Glucans which help boost the immune system, lowering cholesterol levels and helping to regulate sugar levels.

· Soluble Fibre that creates a stable, steady release of nutrients.

· Enzymes that work to assist the utilization of oxygen and the dispersal of free radical actions.

· S.O.D.: Super Oxide Dismutase is present, a formidable weapon against free radicals.

· Complex Carbohydrate for sustained energy.

· Vitamins and Minerals: Almost every key nutrient is present.

· Naturally-Occurring Essential Fatty Acids.
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