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PhD Pre/Post Workout Stack (Berry)

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Sportfood web partner October exclusive:

PhD V Max Pump and Recovery 2:1 for only £35.99. RRP 72.98. Save over 50% off RRP

The perfect pre and post workout stack:

Recovery 2:1- Post-Exercise Recovery Matrix

The Post Exercise drink is the single most important meal of the day for all athletes seeking maximum recovery, glycogen and amino acid replenishment and physical progress, both aesthetically and on a performance level. Training hard with weights or playing a physical sport for 45-90 minutes is an extremely stressful and taxing event, to do so and not fully replenish nutrient stores is the biggest mistake you can make as an athlete and the primary stumbling block in the pursuit of continual progress.

PhD Recovery 2:1 contains a precision 2:1 ratio of fast and slow acting carbohydrates and the most bio-available protein sources available to produce the perfect post exercise recovery drink.

PhD High-Speed Protein Synthesis Matrix:

- Whey Protein Isolate: The purest protein available and the fastest way to increase protein synthesis.

- Micronised L-Glutamine: For complete post-exercise recovery.

- Micronised Creatine Monohydrate: For maximum intra muscular super compensation and cell volume.

- Peptide-Bonded L-Glutamine: To ensure maximum glutamine assimilation.

- Antioxidants and BCAA’s: For muscle repair and immune-boost.

PhD Dual Action Glycogen-Replenishment System: Fast & Slow carb re-load:

Most of you will have heard of waxy maize starch. Well PhD are the first to introduce to the market, Waxy Barley Starch

Waxy Barley Starch is exceptionally low GI (1), contains healthy naturally-occurring beta glucans and unlike maltodextrin and maize starch, brings you all the goodness and health benefits of barley. So whilst Recovery 2:1 provides the ultra-fast acting protein source Whey Protein Isolate for instant protein synthesis and the fast-acting carbohydrate source, Dextrose, for immediate glycogen replenishment, Recovery 2:1 also ensures that after the initial “spike” of blood sugar needed for an effect, the Waxy Barley Starch produces a sustained release for maximum satiety and fullness. Recovery 2:1 will not leave you feeling shaky, weak and hungry within 30 minutes of drinking them like other post-workout drinks that simply contain sugars and whey protein.

When used in conjunction with a healthy diet and active lifestyle, Recovery 2:1 may assist with:

+ Optimum recovery from intense exercise

+ Increased strength and power

+ Instant energy replenishment

+ Sustained energy release

+ Superior protein synthesis


V- Max Pump is PhD nutritions latest product to hit the market, V-Max delivers unparalleled pumps and vascularity providing explosive workouts that will allow users to blast through plateaus and give you that stacked feeling whilst training.
V Max-Pump is not a regular pre-workout drink!

What we have finally created at PhD Nutrition, is a pre-workout muscle growth activation matrix that delivers increased strength potential, prolonged energy system realisation and a cell volumising stack so potent, the pumps you will experience during your hardcore workouts will be more than enough to tell you that the environment for building muscle is upon you.

V-Max Pump is an example of 21st century muscle growth technology finally realised.

- Potent Beta-Alanine Complex
- Dual-Stacked Arginine Matrix
- NO-PUMP technology
- Creatine & Glutamine Cell Volumising stack
- BCAA’s
- Pine Bark/Grape seed NO-Amplifying blend.
- 40 Servings
- Great Price – Great taste.
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