PhD Pharma Gain 2.27kg - Strawberry

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+ Quality mass gainer with high percentage of protein
+ Ground Oats as the major carb source
+ Added BCAA’s, EFA’s and L-Glutamine
+ Contains Whey Protein and Micellar casein

The all-new Pharma-gain is not a run of the mill mass gainer. Gone are the high glycemic sugars and in their place come a complex mix of low-impact carbohydrates and Essential Fatty Acids and a slow release protein blend to maximise satiety and mass gains. PhD believe that Pharma-Gain is a mass-gaining innovation. We believe that at last we have an intelligent mass-gainer that can be used by every athlete seeking to increase quality body mass. Containing Whey Protein and Milk Protein Concentrate as the major source of protein, Pharma Gain also provides the majority of it’s carbohydrate content in the form of healthy ground oats, which are great for slow release energy and fat-free mass gains. Added BCAA’s and L-Glutamine, along with Flaxseed and MCT Oil ensure that Pharma Gain truly is a mass gaining innovation.

Who needs to use Pharma Gain?

+ All hard gainers seeking quality mass, not fat gains

+ Busy athletes looking for a higher calorie, higher carbohydrate mass gaining meal replacement

+ Athletes seeking increased muscle recovery

+ Great product for the beginning or serious body builder
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I've been buying from power since Novemeber 2015 and i will continue to do so. The deliver of the products is just superb i cannot fault it in any way. The prices are great and the coupons i get given are a great incentive to make me buy.