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PhD Pharma Blend 6HR 2.27kg - White Chocolate

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Pharma-Blend 6 HR™ is the research-driven, timed-release protein blend from PhD Nutrition.
Pharma-Blend 6 HR™ is the final solution to the search for the optimum slow release protein powder. Not only does Pharma-Blend 6 HR™ contain synergistic amounts of Micellar Casein, Whey Protein Concentrate, newly added Whey Protein Isolate and Soya Protein Isolate, it also contains the much heralded and often over looked Peptide-Bonded L-Glutamine. If all this isn’t enough to assure you that Pharma-Blend 6 HR™ must become your staple slow-release protein shake, then consider that PhD have added Flaxseed oil to the formula to provide “good fats”, ensuring a formula that helps you remain in a state of lean muscle growth and repair for many hours after drinking.

Pharma-Blend 6 HR™ is primarily effective as a pre-bedtime protein meal, however it can also be used at stages throughout the day when eating every 2-3 hours is not an option, or cannot be achieved. Do not allow your body to go longer than 3 hours without muscle building nutrients, you work too hard and have sacrificed too much to fail.

When used in conjunction with a healthy diet and active lifestyle, Pharma-Blend 6 HR™ can:

+ Assist lean muscle repair and growth
+ Provide a great tasting high protein shake
+ Improve well-being and health
+ Improve intake of essential fats
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