PhD Catalyst (Multi-Nutrient Matrix with R-ALA)

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Catalyst has been a long-time coming (almost 2 years of planning and formulation) and now it’s here we want you all to share in the experience with us. Containing synergistic amounts of the most “athlete-friendly” anti-oxidants, Nutrient absorption systems, a precision vitamin blend and Zinc power stack, PhD have designed Catalyst to stand alone as the final word in muscle protection for hard training and hard working athletes. We never intended to cram the product full of every minor vitamin and mineral under the sun, like other brands do, because we don’t think they are all necessary or indeed synergistic. Many of them we obtain easily and readily from our balanced diets. Catalyst is about re-defining what we do need to bolster our over-worked immune system and eager to progress physical-shape. We pinpointed NAC and R-ALA (The ultra-absorbable R-isomer Alpha-lipoic acid) as the top two key antioxidants required by strength athletes and packed them high in the list of nutrients within Catalyst. We outlined Grapeseed extract, Milk Thistle and Saw Palmetto to work in conjunction with a Zinc and Magnesium power stack to ensure optimum health and strength. Catalyst works on a 4-way synergistic plane, health, strength, vibrancy and well-being.- High-strength Multi-Nutrient Matrix for the active lifestyle

- High in athlete-friendly anti-oxidants
- Valuable for de-tox and rejuvenation
- For both men and women
- Nutrient absorption system with R-ALA and biotin
- Multi-Vitamin and Mineral blend
- Contains Ultra-bio-available R-ALA (maybe twice as effective as regular ALA)
- Health, strength, vibrancy and well-being
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